kids channel

  1. Bennett's Playtime

    Channel Review for Kids' Channel

    I'm looking for an overall review of my channel. It's a kids' channel with the main focus being my (super adorable) 2 1/2 year old. We open toys, go to cool playgrounds, and generally just do fun toddler things. We started in April of this year, and currently have 515 subscribers. The issue is...
  2. MoreToysReview

    Honest Review Needed for our Kids Channel

    Hi there, I have been reading some very constructive reviews from members here and I would like to reach out to YT family here to give us some awesome reviews on our channel. Thanks in advance for taking time reviewing and commenting...
  3. KidsCorner

    Kids channel toys, what do you do with them?

    As the title says, what do you do with the toys for your children channel after you shot the video? I try not to give them to my kids so that they don't become spoiled. Trying to seperate youtube toys from presents for them. I found out already that it's hard forthem to seperate and they love...
  4. O

    Please Review My Channel

    Hi All, I have started this channel over a year and recently I uploaded some more videos, please give me feedback for my "Indonesian Kids Channel". Thanks
  5. Cute Japan Toys

    Other New to YouTube! :)

    Hi guys! Hope you guys are all doing okay. Me and my daughter just recently started our channel (May). Our content is for kids, mainly toy unboxing, reviews and anything that kids would enjoy. Was hoping if you guys could check out our channel and share how can it be more visible for our...
  6. Bennett's Playtime

    Entertaining if you don't know my family?

    Our channel is really for kids, people who are looking for family-friendly content. We do toy reviews, and surprise eggs, and such. We also do family fun days. This is our latest family day. My question is, do I just think this is fun and cute because it's my kid? Or is it actually fun and cute...
  7. EdgarsToySurprise

    Looking for feedback please!

    Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new YT creator who started a twice a week toy opening channel. I have 8 videos and from my analytics I'm not pulling in much traffic from searches or playlists. I'm curious on how I can improve this. I'm trying to put keywords in my titles, descriptions, and tags...