Kids Channel - Derrick Toys Review!

Derrick Toys

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Hi, our family channel Derrick Toys is a fun hobby created a year ago turning into full time now that I have more free time with my current job. I'm trying to organically grow our channel without having to invest in adwords or other resources BUT it's been a challenge!

I'm lacking the secrets to many kids/toy channels with millions of views and subscribers and I would appreciate any advice for helping our channel grow.

1. Do I need to begin investing in gaining traffic?
2. I feel our videos have good content and are stimulating- what do you think?
3. I will begin weekly uploads to be consistent and hopefully keep growing from there.
4. Only one of our videos gained almost 800k views and others are barely 100 :/

Please help this new mom trying to figure it out :)
I feel like my nephew watches you. Not my cup of tea but their is a niche for it. My big concern is publicising children on the internet. No judgement. Now in your chuckie cheese video the camera is slightly out of focus here and there and it's shaky. They are probably the biggest 2 issues with the videos themself. Thumbnails work well in my opinion. The banner is a little blurry on my monitor. The page layout is clear.

Now obviously I'm not your target audience but hopefully those few details help. For stabilising, I don't remember the brand but there are a few handheld tripods for both phones and light weight cameras (like point and shoot) out there. Focusing is usually a case of pin pointing a focal point on the camera.

Good luck.
Thanks! I noticed that too using my DSLR focus wasnt easy so now and in my recent videos, I vlog with my iPhone. It so happens the Chuckie cheese video is my popular one lol I'll update the banner soon too. Thanks for your input!