gaming group

  1. RenOperative

    Gaming Seeking 3 lucky participants to be a part of my gaming community/content creation. (SLOTS LIMITED!)

    It's been awhile since I posted here, I got a lot of pleasant results from my last experiment, others weren't too fantastic but I'm back again with one more recruitment drive to solidify my gaming group before I extend offerings to only guests who want to be on a gaming podcast only as a guest...
  2. DTay Chaos

    Gaming PC GAMING GROUP!!

    Looking for a pc/mac gaming group must have L4D GMOD MINECRAFT ETC... kik that_bro_monte skype dtaychaos anyone interested
  3. PrimeSyndicate

    Gaming Recording Group!

    So everyone knows about VanossGaming and all of his friends, right? Well you know how he has a big group of friends that he records with? Well that's what I am aiming to do. I want to create a big group of funny, dedicated YouTube gamer friends that are willing to record almost anything. Now by...
  4. DerpyMLG Scoper

    Gaming New Gaming Group-Funny Moments

    Hi guys and i am recruiting members for my gaming group: Requirements: -good mic and a good connection -skype -steam( multiplayer games like gmod smite minecraft dead island 7 days to die...) -over 20+ subs...
  5. RoninYen

    Gaming Looking for gaming group or collabs?!!!! Here you go

    HEY IF YOU'RE SEEING THIS, Wuzz hannin! !!!!!LOOK UP GLOBAL SUMMIT GAMING ON FACEBOOK!!!! They call me Ronin Yen. A little something about me is I'm 20 years old, I'm a PS4 and PC gamer, and I put my footage on YOUTUBE. That's about it for now. I made this because I would always try to find...
  6. Derek Aguirre

    Gaming Funny Moments Gaming Group

    Hey Everyone! If you are here because you are interested in wanting to do a collab or join a recording group, then you are in the right place. I am looking for a funny moments recording group on PC to grow my channel with, and all in all just have fun making videos together. I want everyone in...
  7. R

    Gaming Looking for a funny gaming group !

    Im looking for a gaming group like vanoss' or Sovietwomble's if you know who they are ! add me on skype rickss01 if you want to join me pc btw im 15 and i dont care about how many sub you have or if you just started, you need a good sense of humor and or really funny ! thanks btw my channel is...
  8. Dread Chemical

    Gaming PS4 Group (Savage Squad)

    Hey there, my name is Dread and i am looking for people to join our PS4 Squad playing games like GTA V, BO3, R6S, Uncharted 4 and other games. I am looking for people who can be active or at least come in session a couple times a week so all of us can make great and funny content, we also...
  9. Chewsba

    Gaming Looking for YouTube gaming group

    You probably don't want to read a novel so let's get this done pretty fast. My name is Chewsba, i'm 16 and i'm looking for some people to play multiple games with me and be able to have some fun moments and to be able to create some awesome content. I have every console, PS3, PS4, XB1, XB360...
  10. Ravs

    Gaming GOONSQUAD Looking for more members

    Hello everyone on the forums, as you can tell my the title of the thread the gaming group that I run is looking for more members, here I'll post a bit of background, goals, ideas, what we're looking for, and how to apply. Introduction Well first off, who are we, the group basically consists of...
  11. Wibble YT

    Gaming PC / PS4 long term collaboration,

    -Looking for someone 13 + to collaborate over steam or psn. -Bo3, Battle front and other steam games. -Looking for long time collaboration. -Youtube friends.
  12. GoldenRusher

    Gaming Classock / YT Gaming Group

    Hey, my name is GoldenRusher, and I have been looking for a group to join for quite a while. Now, I've been through a various amount of groups, none which really "interested" me. So, I decided to start my own YT Group called Classock (Class-awk). I really wanted to meet some new people, and make...
  13. gysocksYT

    Gaming Started a gaming group

    Hello There! So i started a gaming group and I would like to know if anybody would like to join we have a website and a group channel that has 20 subscribers. 1. Must have 20 or more subscribers. 2. Need to have a good mic. 3. Must have a Skype or Gmail. 4. Age Needs to be 13 and up. 5. Must...
  14. Jrgaming


    I am a small youtuber and would like to create a group to make youtube more fun. Requirements: -13-18 ages -ps4 -decent mic -good sense of humor -must be active If interested comment on this thread or hit me up on skype: jr8games
  15. JNYJNY21

    Gaming Minecraft Group (Multiplayer maps and Series)

    Hey guys, My name is Jennifer and I am a 15 year old from Canada. I am looking to start a Minecraft group to record with. I literally just started YouTube today but I figured this might take a while for me to get responses. We would play on my Minecraft realms server. Requirements: -age...
  16. gysocksYT

    Gaming GAMING squad funny moments collabs squad channel

    A squad that likes to have fun play around but be kinda of mature 13 and up must have a mic a YouTube with at lest 50 or 60 subs and post videos and posts averagely like a video like a video every two days or video every 3 days you need to have games like Gmod H1Z1 Left 4 Dead 2 and other...
  17. TheChillGhost

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys, I am looking for some people to play CSGO, Gmod, Minecraft, anything on steam really. I play on PC so if you are interested please let me know and hopefully we can work something out :D
  18. TN_Phoenix

    Gaming Gaming Group Open For New Members[PC]

    I try to do one of these as often as possible, Psychocell are recruiting YouTubin' buddies who are looking to be part of a YouTube Gaming Group. Some quick info about us: Names Phoenix, 20, Leader of Psychocell, Editor, Scrub. Psychocell and Most of its members are in the UK, just in case time...
  19. WillDP

    Gaming PS4/PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys I am 16 years old, and I have a small, growing youtube channel that is looking for some people to form a youtube group with. I prefer to play on PS4 but I also like to play some PC games. I usually can only play on the weekends and fridays but some days I might be able to get on during...
  20. PossiblyMeadows

    Gaming Who Wants To Join A Team??

    Hey everyone! My name is Meadows and I am looking for people to join my team Hidden. We are a call of duty team and almost at 200 subs and are looking for anyone to join. If you want to join as editor/designer you must be atleast decent. We are very serious when it comes to our team. Contact me...
  21. DreaM_HD


    Hi everybody! I'm looking for some awesome people to possibly do a collab with and remain friends with for a long time :) I live in the UK (GMT time zone) so having a European time zone would be great but it doesn't matter too much if you don't - it just might complicate things. If anyone is...
  22. Frankie95


    wassup? I am looking to start a gaming group on youtube kind of like The Sidemen. I would like us to play GTA5 on PS4 mainly but also mix it up with different games. 17+ lads and ladies. Obviously I would like for whoever is interested to be open minded and not to be taken seriously as I am...
  23. Warhero

    Gaming Looking for PC and PS4 Youtubers to Make a Group

    I am looking for some gamers (aged 17+) who would want to be a part of a gaming group. Games we would play are GTA 5 on PS4 and basically any co op game on PC (Gmod, h1z1 etc.) You must have a good mic, live in North America and be active on youtube :) Contact info: Twitter @Warhero7897 PSN...
  24. E

    Gaming Starting Gaming Group

    Hello there whoever is reading this. I wanted to start a gaming group so I can play with other people and record because it can get boring when by yourself. Multiplayer Games I Have: PC PS4 Minecraft (I...
  25. Cosmical

    Gaming Looking for a person to make YouTube videos with

    Hi I am currently looking for a YouTuber that plays the games GTA V CS:GO Gmod and possible other games aswell If you're interested hmu
  26. JOSLAD

    Gaming Dedicated Gaming Group

    Hi all. I am looking to create a group full of people my age (13 - 18) that are dedicated to Youtube or Twitch. I have wanted to join a group for a while and I know there are people out there like me. I have over 780 followers on Twitch, and stream FIFA and GTA V most days, with a bit of...
  27. bloodmoney207

    Gaming looking to do a collab video or put together a group

    hello blood money here im making this post to see if enyone would like to make a collab video sometime of if so partner up in the youtube game i just recently started up a gaming channel up on youtube i try to upload everyday if you have a ps4/xboxone/pc its all good im all set of course you...
  28. TN_Phoenix

    Gaming Gaming Group Of Scrubs Recruiting Homies

    Instead of a hefty block of text, I just finished The Psychocell Gaming Group Trailer, which should wrap everything up. You can find it on my channel below, can't post the video here for some reason Also if you'd like to read some more, there's an old thread that does indeed have a hefty block...
  29. Shalzo

    Gaming Collab - Minecraft And Random Games

    Hi im 13 and i want to collab with someone. Im playing minecraft and other random games so it wouldn't get boring. To got connected leave your skype name down in the repys section.
  30. Dread Chemical

    Gaming Chaotic Crew (PC Group)

    Hello guys and girls welcome to this thread My name is Dread and i'm here to give you guys a chance to join a gaming group where we play games like Gmod, GTA 5, Speedrunners, Don't Starve Together, Dead Realm, Contagion, AVP, CS:GO and much more In the group we are best buds and we like to...