1. Kyle Hedlund

    Looking for Editing Software on a Budget

    I am currently looking for some new editing software since my old one is starting to make videos extremely difficult. I currently have Audacity for audio but I'm looking for some video software that would not make my wallet go completely empty but still functional and easy-to-use. My current...
  2. CavemanApocalypse

    The Closest and Best Way To Sync AUDIO

    The BIGGEST FEAR of Editing (At Least For Me) Hello everyone! So if you're reading this, I'm guessing that you are having problems with syncing your audio up with your video. Well, if that's the case, then you're reading to right article! I used to have the problem with syncing my audio and...
  3. Chantellee202

    Thumbnail Editing

    GUYS!!! What are some good softwares for editing thumbnails and photo shopping and what not? I am thinking about photoshop, but are there any other soft wares out there that you guys like?
  4. JonnyPie

    Best Editing Software

    Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Pro, or maybe some other software that no one has heard about? Maybe Sony Vegas and Premier Pro are equal from your experience Suggestions, help me. Most helpful person gets lifetime supply of mountain dew
  5. JonnyPie

    Sony Vegas vs Adobe Premier Pro

    Hi men, women boys and animals of yttalk, I just wanted to know what you guys think is the superior editing software between SOny Vegas and Adobe Premier Pro. I have only used Sony Vegas so I am not sure about Premier Pro. Which one has more accessible effects, and altogether which program do...
  6. Speed Suspects

    Whats the best editing software for Mac?

    Hey whats up guys! I just wanted to ask you all what the best video editing software is for Mac users? I am currently editing all my videos with iMovie but I am looking for an alternative option since there arent many options available on this software to adjust the colors and add effects. Let...
  7. JonnyPie

    The History of Cecil The Lion

    Before I move on to the main topic I wanted to discuss, I wanted to ask for opinions on OBS, DXSTORY and SHADOWPLAY for recording gaming footage. I have used shadowplay and am now experimenting with DXSTORY, which do you guys think is the best from EXPERIENCE and why. I am yet to touch OBS...
  8. Scandinavian Freckles

    Should I wait ?

    Hi, I was wondering a few things and hopefully you guys can help ! I am currently self employed and don't really have enough money to buy all the great equipment and stuff so up until now I have filmed a few videos on my phone ( Samsung Grand Prime) and the quality isn't the great but I want to...
  9. Julius Gacgacao

    Editing. What's your opinion on it?

    I try my hardest to be a daily vlogger. But when I'm editing vlogs I just don't enjoy it. I procrastinate way too much during vlog edits. But when I edit my short films I'm always laser focused.
  10. Kreator

    Review my Newest Video???

    Hi Guys! Just wondering if anyone out that is willing to review my latest video, little backstory on it, i was going for a 90m Stardew Valley recording session but due to my incompetence i stopped recording at 15m, but carried on playing for the full 90 :spin: anywho, I took it upon myself in...
  11. Ayden TravelsandToys

    Do YouTubers sleep?

    Between doing the activity and filming, making/editing videos, and advertising in addition to work, school, and family duties, how many hours are you sleeping every night (or day)?
  12. Altairsfriend

    What is your creative process?

    From getting a idea, to recording, to Editing and finally uploading. How do you do it it? Perhaps we can learn from each other!
  13. DaKatz

    Programs for Macs

    I use a mac and have got a pretty simple set up for recording which I'll share because why not. Screen Recording - Screenflick - $40 Screenflick is really easy to use. You can set your dimensions or just click a window to match the dimensions. Screenflick can also record your voice, camera and...
  14. Bro's Graphics

    Services Cheap Professional Custom Artwork, Editing, & Video Making Service (Logos, Thumbnail, videos Etc.)

    Bro's Graphics: Hello! I am selling custom made artwork, Editing, & Video Making Ideas (Icons, Logos, Thumbnails, Outros, Intros, Video Editing, Stream Layers,Editing/Retouching Photos, Artwork, and much more!) Email: Cheatmongul@gmail.com Don't forget to refer a friend Q and A: Q. How does...
  15. Maarij Bashir

    How do you guys record your playthroughs?

    Specifically music playthroughs. I was just wondering how you guys do it cause I seem to have problems with my angle and lighting.
  16. Lethality

    Voice Acting Experienced Voice Actor (Male, 20) looks for project!

    Hey guys'n'gals! I'm Chris, from Germany (GMT+1) and I'm looking for a project to help people with! On my channel you can't see any projects ofc, that's because my Voice Acting Channel is in German (I'd be mental to link it in an English forum) Just hit me up on Twitter: @Lethality112 or on...
  17. M4TTATT4CK

    How to do Moving Zoom in??

    Hey everyone does anyone know how to zoom in on a clip and move around the clip while it's still zoomed on Imovie? lmk thanks!
  18. C

    Looking for youtubers who need an editor

    Hello, My name is Simon, i'm a 17 year old graphic designer and editor from belgium. I'm looking for smaller channels that need an editor. I'm not looking to make money of of it, just a challenge to grow and develop my skills. Interested? Connect with me on skype or leave comment on this thread...
  19. B

    Screen recording softwares

    Hi i am starting a new channel about after effects and Cinema 4d tutorials and i dont know what recording software to use. Now my computer is pretty low. CPU Intel Core i5 2.67Ghz Windows 7 x64 Ram 4GB and Integrated video card Intel Graphics 3000. You will say this computer is not powerfull...
  20. N

    Experienced Video Editor Will Edit YOUR Videos

    Is video editing not your forte? Does your career/lifestyle demand less time in front of the computer clipping together videos? Do you want your videos to have a professional high quality touch? My name is Nathan. I'm based in Charlotte NC and have been editing YouTube videos for 8 years. If...
  21. Rolz

    Make a logo without PS!

    Whatsup guys, so I actually don't use all adobe products for my YouTube editing and I thought I would share a little bit about this free program that you can use to make your thumbnails/logos etc. It's called Gimp and its free to download, its quite user friendly whilst still being quite...
  22. Maarij Bashir

    Best render settings for Sony vegas

    so I want to upload a video on YouTube but I don't what's the best settings (1080 had) I should render at. I'm using Sony Vegas 13.
  23. Inyx

    Tips on editing?

    Hello, I create unedited and sometimes heavily edited videos, where I turn 1 hour into 15 minutes of funny content. I was wondering if you guys could rate my videos/give me tips on how to improve the way I edit them/how I make them. I usually edit most of my videos the same way, so any tips...
  24. Christoball

    What should i use?

    Hey guys its christo here I would like to ask u guys what u use and what i should use. Well i have used movie maker for a while and its great. Its just that it doesnt have features that i want. So what do u guys use for editing? Thx for all answers
  25. Worldofpossible

    How do you guys feel about scripts?

    Currently getting my voice over done for comedic effect but I wonder how others feel about scripted vs unscripted content. Personally, I think it depends. From what I recorded, the only mic I have available for that is the PS4 cam and it's far from ideal. Besides, I like to think up jokes and...
  26. CandyPhantom

    Editing videos on phone?

    Is it possible to have a good quality video if you're editing videos in your phone? Sony Vegas has a problem with the videos in my phone and won't let me edit them. I'm at my wit's end and so, I'm considering editing my videos in my phone
  27. Nhalez

    Brand New YouTuber Gaming / Storytime

    I was just wondering if I could get any help and feedback for my channel I just started with only two videos up. I know I'm not the best but I would like to know if there are any suggestions to help improve the quality of my videos aswell as some gameplay maybe some game suggestions or editing...
  28. Altairsfriend

    Looking for some feedback on our latest video.

    We tried something different with this video (both of us played) and are wondering if it paid off. Also, we have been working on the audio in our videos and I think we are close to having it down. How's the thumbnail, editing, pacing, and length? More importantly is it enjoyable? Thanks for...
  29. A

    Can someone edit my happy wheels video

    This is my first happy wheels video and Im looking for an editor. I want someone who could make it as funny as possible. Maybe under 15 minutes?