Experienced Video Editor Will Edit YOUR Videos

Nathan Smoker

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Aug 14, 2016
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Is video editing not your forte?

Does your career/lifestyle demand less time in front of the computer clipping together videos?

Do you want your videos to have a professional high quality touch?

My name is Nathan. I'm based in Charlotte NC and have been editing YouTube videos for 8 years. If you relate to any of the questions above, a video editor might be exactly what you need to take the load off your back. At this time, I am looking for driven creators like you who produce, or are looking to produce quality content.

As a creator, you care about your content. You want it to be professional. You want it to be marketable. You want every detail to be cared for and for your visions to come to life. I can and will make these things happen.

Communication is key. You will have direct contact with me at all times to communicate what you want, how you want it, and when you want it by.

Professional quality is priority. Highly skilled with Adobe software, making your videos look exactly the way you want is no issue. With 8 years of experience, your product will match your vision.

**This is not an advertisement for me to create animations, banners, intros, end cards, music, GFX, etc.**

Contact me with any business inquires, questions, or to see my product at nsmoker94@gmail.com


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Mar 13, 2015
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Hi, I've moved this to the Video Editing forum. ^^ The services forum is for creating YouTube artwork/branding and background music, whereas the editing forum is all about editing YouTube videos. ^^