1. mattandmarti

    Newbie: Audio Tips and Advice

    We're absolute newbies and I've been using premier for literally a week, would love a critique of the below. I feel like the overall volume is too low, any standards I should be adhering to or tools within Premier to make sure Im achieving correct levels throughout!?
  2. Stoner Gamer

    Services FREE banner, FREE logo

    I'm willing to make a free banner or/and logo. I've design all my own banners and logos There will be no charge if your willing to put a link to my channel. We might be able to work out something else just give me a shout. Here is some of my work
  3. Stoner Gamer

    Services Free Banner or Paid Banner

    Im a pretty decent amateur designer. I can make you banner for £5-£10. I'll also consider doing one for a channel link. HERES MY BANNER
  4. JustusJames

    Looking for After Effect tutorials

    I'm looking for good after effects tutorials to help enhance my videos. Does anyone have a channel that focuses on this or suggestions on channels to look to?
  5. XXAllAboutGamingXX

    Who else uses Adobe Photoshop Cs6 for YouTube Thumbnails?

    God, I love Adobe Photoshop! It is so AMAZING. Comment down if you use it too. Btw, I made my Profile Picture in it :)
  6. jwimages

    Other Looking to collaborate. I make Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography how to vidoes.

    I am looking to boost my channel. I am looking to collaborate with other channels or help out.
  7. Your Buddy Gas

    What's your opinion on Adobe Creative cloud CC 2018?

    As some of you may know, the Adobe Creative Cloud cc 2018 update released a few days ago. Not obviously all of you work with it(or with a few programs at least), but to all who use it, what do you think about it? My opinion: Adobe has program's for a very wide group of creators. Some are...
  8. Adventure Campitelli

    Adobe Elements 15 choppy playback

    Anyone have this issue, when you're editing the playback is choppy and you have to pause the playback and restart it to watch the video? I've tried everything. Sometimes its bearable and other times is just plain time consuming.
  9. Bert McCert

    Adobe Motion Graphics Templates

    Is anyone diving into the new Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe Premiere? I'm slowly understanding it and learning how to create custom templates from After Effects. It's REALLY rad! If you haven't given it a look, go check out some tutorials and try your hand at making some custom templates...
  10. DePhil

    premiere pro vs. vegas pro and wich is better

    Dear Community, a lot of people asked about premiere pro and sony vegas pro. let me explain the basic differences. In fact, premiere pro has some more options, effects, settings and opportunities than vegas pro developed by Sony(13) or Magix(14), but the result is that vegas pro is easier to...
  11. Teknickel 10

    Help with Adobe Premiere exports...

    Hey guys, So I have a quick issue with my adobe premiere '17 videos when I upload them. I export to 1080p 60fps and the resulting video file looks great. I then upload and can watch them fine on desktop but NOT on mobile. For some reason on mobile it only allows me to select 480p as the...
  12. The Unwanted Letter

    To Hitfilm Or Not to Hitfilm

    So i'm deciding on a new editing software and i've been looking at hitfilm 4 pro and it has a lot of features but the effects mash up i've seen on youtube have a lot of well...gimmicky effects in my opnion that could just be the person who is using the software idek, but my question is Can this...
  13. Arrowdance

    Differences between Sony Vegas & Adobe After Effects

    I'm a Sony Vegas user, but I recently heard about After Effects, so I'd like to know what's the differences with Vegas, the pros and the cons. Could you tell me, guys?
  14. OSHStudios

    animation run cycle tutorial

  15. Dismal Bliss

    Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Vs Premiere Pro Subscription

    Hello everyone, I have been and am currently using Premiere Elements 13 on a Surface Pro 3 (dual core i5 with 8 GB RAM). However, watching the playback while editing can get so sluggish, freezing and dropping frames, to the point of wanting to throw the thing across the room. Forget 60fps...
  16. Aerdian

    Sound off in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    Hello, I did some rendering and exporting for my YouTube channel today, but after a few hours, all my gameplays finished and a large majority of them contained off audio. The sound was coming before the video. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Digital Puppets

    Services Live Cartoon YouTube Presenters

    Digital Puppets My Animation studio has started a new service Creating Digital Puppets that can be used to present shows on your youtube channels. Using Adobe Character Animator we are offering to supply Fully rigged Custom Cartoon designs that you can animate yourself using a webcam, these...
  18. Jawad Soomro

    Premiere Pro - SPLIT SCREEN EFFECT

    How do I make videos side by side in Premiere Pro? How to put picture in picture side by side? How to make split screen videos? Follow the tutorial to learn the coolest split screen effects using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.
  19. C

    How did you learn to edit?

    I assume the obvious, which is Youtube videos. But if you had a particularly helpful series/videos could you recommend them for myself and others who may find this thread?
  20. MakaylaLynnB

    I will edit your videos if you need help. FREE

    Hey everyone, so I have a bit of free time on my hands so if anyone wants me to edit their videos, email me at: and we can talk. I will also make your thumbnails for you. I will do it for free until you can make a steady income. I take adobe certification classes, so I am...
  21. Jawad Soomro


    ADOBE PREMIERE PRO TUTORIAL Intro sequence is the most popular technique of introducing the characters in the Soap operas. It is revised sometimes in the movies. So I decided to make a tutorial on this technique to make promotional ad of apartment.
  22. ggdeeofficial

    Free Alternative to Adobe After Effects?

    So I've had experience with AE before and would like a FREE alternative to it? I want to make intros with effects but not willing to spend 30$ a month for a while CC that I don't use. (i currently edit with premiere elements and have photoshop cc for just 9$/month). I am restarting my youtube...
  23. Benau

    What shape for audio animation?

    Hey all! Benau here, In my videos of my music, I have animated audio so you can see the levels as the song plays. What other shapes would be better or is the line good? Tell me in the poll above! Thanks!!!
  24. Jawad Soomro


    AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL Work of Imagination: Lightning strikes the building! I guess we need fire Brigade ;)
  25. MaynzeTV

    Good plugins for after affects?

    I recently subscribed to Adobe Creative cloud. I noticed some pretty cool plugins that can be installed on After Affects while watching Youtube tutorials. My question is, what are your favorite After Affects plugins, and what do they do?
  26. Jawad Soomro

    After Effects - 3D CLOUDS TUTORIAL

    AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL We don't really need any quad-copter to shoot airplane footage when we have after effects. Enjoy the 3D clouds tutorial.
  27. Zicon

    Adobe Premiere Big Problem I need to fix for my YouTube Channel

    So I had Camtasia a year ago and I went bigger so I got Sony Vegas Pro 13 then it would be really laggy for me so I switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 but when I import my intro it only shows the audio not the video please help if you know how to fix it.
  28. N

    Experienced Video Editor Will Edit YOUR Videos

    Is video editing not your forte? Does your career/lifestyle demand less time in front of the computer clipping together videos? Do you want your videos to have a professional high quality touch? My name is Nathan. I'm based in Charlotte NC and have been editing YouTube videos for 8 years. If...
  29. Rolz

    A program other than PS

    Whatsup guys! So I found a cool alternative to Adobe' Photoshop for those of you that are looking for an easier program to use/whatever your reason. It's also free to download! It's called Gimp! It's quite user friendly whilst still having quite an extensive range of tools/effects. In my latest...
  30. Gameoverjack

    Request Professional Intro Needed (A HUGE SHOUTOUT!)

    Hey! I wanted some very talented motion designers (only after effects 2d) for making me an intro! I have already bought this amazing pack for animations! So all you have to do is use that pack! And I made an entire video explaining this just go to my channel "GameOverJack" and you can find an...