1. D

    Gaming Looking for people to join a gaming group (collaborating together, projects, podcast, ect.)

    As of now, I'm a fairly small YouTuber, only around 300 subscribers. I joined YouTube forever ago (if forever is 2 years), but, I can't seem to ever be happy with what I'm creating for one simple reason: it's horrible. I can't solo commentate, it's not my thing. I picked a bad name, I can't do...
  2. KattyMeel

    Gaming Looking to make/join a recording group. Xbox.

    Hi, I started my channel a while ago but have been unable to really progress because I’m not a huge fan of solo games and no one I know really plays much. What I’m looking for is some people who are up for recording consistently as a group or as duos and will take it seriously but also have a...
  3. M


    So I've recently got back into creating YouTube videos and I am looking for people who enjoy gaming and creating YouTube videos. I have a channel, but I have been slacking because I lose motivation because I don't have a good group of friends that are consistent with playing together. So I...
  4. ThomasTalks

    Animation Interested in making short animated sketches? brain

    Hi all, I’m a new starter to YouTube. Have had a channel in the past for gaming videos but ended quickly. I now wish to have a channel where I can speak about what’s going on in the world, possibly move into a podcast in the future and also create/design and produce animated short videos. I...
  5. Waley

    Gaming Looking to start gaming group (PC)

    Hey im waley from switzerland and im looking to create a group and play funny games together. I didnt upload anything in the last few months and want to start upload more again. Im 24 so it would be cool if you're 19+ :) I dont really have any other requirements except maybe a good mic. Im...
  6. SorryNoTitle

    Music Female Vocalists/Singers CHECK THIS OUT

    Hey Guys, If you're a female singer and between the age (12-32), I have an offer for you. I have made a background score, and lyrics for a song, which I will be posting on My Channel. Its gonna be an English song, so you'll need the basic accent and stuff. If you're ready for it, then You Have...
  7. Brittneytaylorwg

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty and style/fashion collaboration?!

    I am looking for small YouTubers (I have 17 subs as of right now) who would be interested in making a callab video where we do not actually meet up, like the older style collabs just more so within a style themed video. If someone is interested please let me know!!!
  8. Justoshow

    Other Looking for creative people to brainstorm an animated series

    Hey everyone! Im looking for people to collaborate on brainstorming a new animated series I have in mind. I've done one before, but the mistake i made was writing it all alone. This time I'd prefer if I had some help. I already have the core story and characters, now i need help with the flow of...
  9. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Editor For Collab Channel

    Hello I'm GucciCarry from the channel "Players One". Players One is a channel that consists of 5 youtubers. 4 of us all have over 2,000+ subscribers so we're all pretty experienced with youtube. This channel is fresh (less than a month old) The main focus of the content is Gaming/Comedy. We...
  10. Brittneytaylorwg

    Other Collab with me?? (Not meetup)

    I was wondering if anyone would like to collab with me through a lifestyle ish type video...Where we just sort of make a similar themed video and do a small shout out. I know I am very small compared to even small channels as I have 14 subs... I know haha but if you would like to check out my...
  11. KloudGames

    Gaming Looking for Ps4 Youtube collabs for my gaming group

    my friends and i are looking for more members to record on ps4 with... it doesnt matter how many subs you have just that you are active when we are playing and that you have a good microphone, no background noise other then noise like your ps4 fan in the background the group we are inviting you...
  12. GucciCarry

    Players One (Gaming/Comedy Collaboration Channel)

    Hello everyone! I'm GucciCarry from the channel "Players One". This channel is a group of 5 youtubers (4 of us all have over 2,000+ subscribers on our personal channels.) This channel is going to consist of content similar to what VanossGaming puts out. We all love to make people laugh and...
  13. SwiftUnity


  14. MrMatthewStrange

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in Northern England want to meet up/collab?

    ! I want to meet some YouTubers near me. Primarily I'd like to do a collaboration, although I would be happy to just meet up, have a chat, gain insights from each other and film together - This could happily be at the pub if you're over 18! I'm in Preston myself, but I'm happy to travel in...
  15. rachellerch

    Vlog Photographer, Artist, Videographer wanted for collab (long distance will work)

    I'm a photography adventure vlogger and I'm looking for another channel to collab on a creative challenge series. It will be a short series of videos (or even just 1 video) where we will choose a topic/place/adventure and come up with out creative interpretation of it: For example, the topic may...
  16. GucciCarry

    Gaming PC Collab

    Hello everyone. I'm a gaming/comedy youtuber with over 2,400 subscribers and counting. I really enjoy making people laugh and brightening up their days. I'm looking for a couple people who are interested in doing collabs. My requiremarents are - Must be 16+ - Must be mature. - Must have a...
  17. mrMadness

    Gaming Are there any weird and crazy people that would like to record a lot of video's with me 0.0

    I am also pretty damn weird and scream alot soooo..... I hope you to and maybe we can play and record some games togheter :DD
  18. M

    Other Looking to start a podcast!

    Hey guys, I've really wanted to start a podcast for a while. I want to discuss whatever's relevant at the time, you'll have a say in this as well. I'm looking for mature people, no squeakers. I need you around for 1 video (45mins?) a week or so. If you join this expect you'll be bonding...
  19. ucandp

    Vlog Western NY or Ontario Canada Collab

    Hi! I am looking for comedy collabs or vlog collabs in Western NY or Canada from Niagara Falls to Toronto. My comedy channel has 192 subscribers My vlog channel has 23 subscribers
  20. Umer

    Vlog Collab in London, UK - Reviews of Gadgets! (Trending Reviews)

    Hey Guys Anyone up for a Collab with me in London? I have all the professional YouTube equipment for my videos - Canon 200D Cam, Rode Mic, Lighting, Tripods etc. I am happy to book meeting spaces to shoot videos. I shoot reviews of gadgets, cars, and anything tech! 1.3K Subs so far and only...
  21. Shonoba

    Gaming Collaboration Group (13+) :)

    im looking for some friends who i can chat with while recording videos. Its always better with a company and people to talk to while you record. MUST HAVE SKYPE or DISCORD act mature :) Im hoping that we can grow into something greater! there is no leader for the "group" need 1-3 more people to...
  22. C

    Commentary 3,5k subs. I need someone to do the commentary

    Hello, I'm new there. I upload WWE 2K18 and wrestling related videos. I normally don't talk in my videos because I have a very weird accent; so I'd like to see if anyone's interested in helping me out with that. I need someone who's willing to do some commentary and voice-acting over my videos...
  23. A

    Gaming Looking for more friends to play games with!!

    I'm a 20 year old college student from Toronto, Canada. I played a lot of sports during high school and the main sport that I enjoy is basketball. Feel free to ask me about the NBA! What got me into YouTube was FaZe to be honest and how they do cut commentaries and montages. I feel like I would...
  24. J

    Gaming Collab on Obscure and Slightly Older Games

    Looking for people interested in exploring obscure games I like or showing off obscure games they like. Basically one plays one comments for single player, and multiplayer is used whenever possible. Games i'd like to do include: I Am Alive Trials HD Spintires: Mudrunner Flatout 2 Bully State of...
  25. ForgingShadows

    Gaming Collaboration (PC)

    Hey. Looking for people to collab with; here are the requirements -Don't be like 6 :/ -150+ subs OR I could look at your videos and if I think they're good you can get through this -Have an active YT channel (breaks are okay but dont not upload for like 3 months) -A good mic Here are the games...
  26. J

    Commentary Looking for Music Podcast Collab

    Usually do Top 10 albums of genres or go through an artists full discography. I've got a massively varied taste in music so open to any genre. Also down to collaborate on other Music, Gaming, or Car channels. My music/gaming channels' called Epicus Gamicus Musicus.
  27. PetersPlayinIt

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers no younger than 18 to collab with

    Game doesn't matter, but must be PS4. I can do PC as well, but i'd prefer not to. I'm 18 myself and would like for you to be closer in age, but its really not a big deal. What matters is if we can vibe or not. Requirements: -Must be 18+. -Must have a sense of humor. -Must have a decent mic...
  28. Maicangirl

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Youtubers Living In Germany?

    I know you guys are out there . I want to collab , channel genre or size isn't important. If you are comfortable filming in public and talking to strangers then even better!
  29. Cola Life

    Gaming Does any one in Western Autralia wanna do collaboration

    Hi I am 15 years of age and I do game play videos on my channel and looking to do a collaboration atm I mainly play fortnite, also because I dont have psn.
  30. P

    Music Collab wanted for music videos

    Hey guys, If you feel like collabing on a music video,video game related like a game tribute but with original song,give me a message in here My channel username is pluviaaeterna on YT if you want to see what I do What I want: You have more than 100 subs on your channel Keep the collab fun and...