1. R

    Music Musician Looking for Collaborations

    Hi! Im a saxophonist on youtube looking to do collaborations with other musicians for any instrument or style on covers so we can grow together
  2. Freakygeak

    Gaming Looking for people to play and record videos with! (PC only)

    Hi, my name is Freakygeak20 and I have a small youtube channel (around 70 subs). I'm here today as I'm looking for new people to play games and recorde videos with. I life in normal but speak pretty good english. I am open for new games but I mostly play Dead By Daylight, The Forest, League of...
  3. S

    Gaming Looking for fellow youtube content creator for fortnite / other games PS4/PC

    Hi Everyone, I'm Strahan or to my very small channel community Strayhan Warrior. I'm 27 and from England, I have recently started a youtube gaming channel and am looking to network and grow my channel. I'm still finding my feet with the video's im putting out but I have plenty of ideas for...
  4. theResidentPsychopath

    Other Collaboration for tutorial style channel

    I have 2 channels. One for gaming and one for tutorials. Psychopath Marketing is my tutorial channel. I am looking for collaborations for this channel and am open to ideas. Unlike the gaming channel, this channel was growing slowly on its own while dormant and I rekindled it. I am currently...
  5. O


    Hi, guys, I'm new here and I'm a New Youtuber, I'm looking for someone to collaborate with, I'm in New York My Ig is Honeybadgeer if you want to check me out. I would love to do a Collaboration with someone
  6. T

    Gaming Looking for small group of youtubers to collab

    Age - 14+ Requirements - 250+ subs Console - Xbox One Games - GTA 5, Fortnite, Farming Simulator 19 Discord - Yes
  7. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Funny Content Creators (Gaming)

    Hello everyone! I am looking for content creators of any size who is capable of producing some good quality content. I currently am part of 3 channels which are : (Currently 400+ subscribers) (Currently 3,600 subscribers)
  8. O

    Music Quintessence - Original/Cover Music Group - Auditions (Singers, composers, mixers, + more)

    If interested please visit us on twitter @Quintessencetwt for audition forms and vocalist samples/links! Quintessence is an upcoming music circle, and music group. We will mainly create original songs and content, however we will occasionally do covers. Quintessence will release music that can...
  9. Tiwalayo

    Vlog Looking to Collaborate and Make Friends!

    Hello, I'm Teewa and I would LOVE to collaborate with someone who is into fashion, beauty/makeup, Travel and lifestyle I currently live in Germany and would like to collaborate with someone from the UK/France and of course Germany (within EUROPE) I hope this thread brings like minded people...
  10. Mad_Matt99

    Gaming Looking for other YouTubers (PS4) To make funny moment videos (like Vanoss)

    Looking for people to create content with on Call of Duty Black Ops 4. I want to get involved with funny moments but unfortunately it's hard with my friends trying to do their own thing now. I'm 19 years old and im just trying to have fun as well as put the time and effort into my editing. If...
  11. James BB

    Vlog The Summer of 2019!!!

    Hi, my name is James and I'm 16 years old and live in Oxfordshire, England. This year I'm taking my GCSE's and have a 15 week summer where I really want to boost my channel. Currently my channel sits on 200 subscribers, it use to be more but I took a long break and currently have no videos after...
  12. J

    Comedy Looking for collab

    hey guys so Im looking for channels to collaborate with, I have 145 subscribers. Im not looking for anything specific really. If you have like a really big subscriber count or if you have been doing youtube for a long time. Id love to interview you, or if you have anything in mind Id like to...
  13. Jared Poirier

    Other Small Youtuber's Rewind

    Hey GUYS! I missed you folks I havent been around in a while. So heres what this post is about, im doing my own version of Youtube rewind where each youtuber submits a story from their year on Youtube. If you want to participate please record your 30 second - 1 min story and send it to...
  14. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Gaming Group(Festive vids coming) PC

    Hey I am looking for ppl to collab with who is funny and can take a joke...we both gain but it doesn't matter its the funny moments I live for ;) Making a Christmas special vid soon so I can start on my best of 2018 1) Whats your channel name? 2) How many subs(Doesn't matter just curious)...
  15. Gunshot501

    Gaming Gaming Group

    Hi all. I am I youtuber who was big in my mind (1k subs) then lost a bunch and want to get back into youtube. It would be nice to get a squad going playing different games for funny moments on either PC or XBOX One. If you have discord and are interested let me know by replying with your discord...
  16. ZaFox

    Gaming Looking for a few people to play with or talk video games with!

    Hi, I own a small channel that I hope will grow. One of the best ways of growing your channel is by collaborating with others, as their subs will see your content and may subscribe. This is why I would love to collaborate with some other people, as we can all be friends and grow each other's...
  17. WarriorDan

    Gaming Looking for gaming podcast co-hosts!

    Looking for fellow collaborators to regularly join me for a new podcast series, where we discuss recent gaming and gaming tech news. The goal is to have at least 2-3 people, with a max of 5, to make sure everyone has a chance to talk and be heard. My channel currently sits at about 360...
  18. B

    Gaming Modded Minecraft collaborations and community

    Looking for people to join a modded minecraft community with a good possibility of it being a 'Game of Thrones' style roleplay series. The modpack includes MineColonies so people can create their own factions if they want to. If you want to join or want more information, contact me through Discord
  19. B

    Gaming Friends and I are looking to expand our Gaming Group! (Xbox, PC)

    Hey, everyone! My name is Jordan, but you can call me Blue if you don't like being on a 'real name' type of basis with people. I'm an aspiring content creator for YouTube and occasionally even Twitch. My friends and I over the past year and a half have been looking for additional friends around...
  20. KattyMeel

    Gaming Looking for long term collabs

    Hi. It’s been a while since I posted in this section but I’m back and I’m looking for people interested in long term collabs. I’m apart of a Discord group and we are looking for people who want to take YouTube seriously and help each other grow, simply by doing videos with one another. In the...
  21. R

    Vlog Midlands UK vlogger, 3k subs, looking for collabs! (Motorbikes, Cars, fun stuff!)

    Hi All, Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone local-ish is up for collaborating on some youtube videos and some photography for channel art/Instagram etc, really want to step up my game and take YT a bit more seriously but its hard out here lol. As said in title, my channel is mostly...
  22. A

    Music Podcast collaboration

    Hello all you passionate musicians, I am looking for people who love what they do and want to share it to the world and join me for the podcast. Please get in touch if this is for you. Hope to hear from you soon all the best The Giant
  23. Grifn4ge

    Gaming PC Gaming Group (Golf It, Gmod, WaW, etc)

    We are a small-ish group of Content Creators on both YouTube and the rival stream company we don't talk about on YT. There are roughly 14 people in our group in different Discord servers. Hit me up on Discord or Twitter to be invited to the server that I run (and 1 or 2 other servers, just...
  24. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for PC collabs

    I am an admin on a youtube discord group. We are looking for more people to join discord, play, create and help one another and become a friendly community. We play a range of games some being; Ark Rocket League Fifa WoW Golf It Overwatch and many more.... We only ask that you have a mic/ you...
  25. F

    Gaming Youtube gaming collaboration

    Hi there my name is Nolan! I'm 22 and I've been trying to this off and on for a few years, and I'd like to get back into it. I'm looking for someone with my sense of humor but someone mature as well. (I'm a loud annoying asshat who complains a lot, but I'm usually a pretty fun guy.) I made my...
  26. Daniel Loaiza

    Gaming Looking for Gamers (PC) round 14-16 years of age to collaborate and create a group with!

    Hey, my names Dan and on YouTube, I go by ME_Adrenaline. I would love to collaborate with some awesome content creators! I am 15 years of age. I am located in Australia so we can work around time-zones and recording sessions. I play games likes CS:GO, Paladins, Minecraft (rare occasions)...
  27. Pandun

    Gaming Pandun: Looking for some collabs. pc

    Hi guys i am a British youtube content creator for gaming on youtube ive been playing a recording on a variety of games including : Minecraft: Fortnite: Scum: The Forest: I dont have many subs but i feel we could still make a hilarious video together or a live stream please come an check me out...
  28. SwiftUnity


    Hey! My name is SwiftUnity and I’m looking for a couple of gaming YouTubers to collaborate with. Currently I’m sitting at a 2.8k subscriber mark and a 149k view count. Being the creator of several collaboration outlets such as Aurora Studios and Project Apex, I aim to carry a wide and...
  29. Stoner Gamer

    Gaming (Xbox One)YouTube vs Youtuber Collaboration

    I've just had this idea. I'll be getting Fifa 19 on release date (cant afford the early access) :) I was thinking of starting a Youtuber vs Youtuber series, where every week I challenge a new youtuber to a match. If there's any one here that plays Fifa on Xbox hit me up if your interested.
  30. R

    Vlog Any YouTubers currently travelling Africa? Looking for dope people to collab with :)

    Hey ho! I'm currently travelling down the african west coast and it would be amazing to travel or collab with one of you guys to create some dope videos :) If you're not in Africa or travelling full-time, no worries! Just reach out to me, I'd love to exchange and connect with you anyway :)...