1. OldManTenno

    Gaming PC channel on the rise

    Yes, I'm old. Yes, I work full time. Yes, I can curse like a sailor... because I was one. But I've been playing games for over 35 years, and get pretty passionate about it. I currently play Warframe and have over 3300 hours since December 2017. It was because of my knowledge, willingness to...
  2. Scandinavian Freckles

    Beauty/Makeup Any norwegian youtubers?

    Hi there, I am 26, Norwegian and hoping to find someone who maybe lives close to where I live ( Oslo) to maybe do a collab, be friends and support eachother? The more the merrier. I really want to hang out with people who get what I am doing and why I want to do it :) Let me know ...
  3. RenOperative

    Gaming Searching For Chill, Enthusiastic YouTube Gamers Willing To Join A Gaming Collab Group

    Our goal: We’re extensively searching for proper, gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a Discord group centered on nerd culture. We want to extend an olive branch with people who might be interested to join this opportunity for people who are interested in...
  4. MAGnify

    Gaming Looking for an active YouTuber!

    Hey guys my name is Mike, i'm a 17 year old that has just gotten back into doing small recordings and such now that I have a great PC setup, reliable internet and finally a really nice headset aswell. I am currently just above 200 subscribers since I was never active. I'm looking at trying to...
  5. Ivory Cherry

    Beauty/Makeup I live in IL, but would love to collab with anyone that's down for it (:

    Hi! I'm a new beauty youtuber. I would love to work with someone to make a fun, new and fresh video for my audience, as well as yours. Hit me up if you're interested! I have plenty of ideas, but just need a body to work with!
  6. R

    Other New Mobile Phones and Stuff channel looking for collaboration

    Hello boys and girls, just wanted to stop by and reach out to any small (but serious) YouTube channels that want to collaborate in the field of tech and mobile reviews - mobile gaming included. (not sure why we can't post links here as I thought it's a forum to establish connections and link...
  7. RenOperative

    Is there any particular site that allows collaboration that isn't NewTubers?

    It seems that no matter what I do as a YouTube gamer I always get banned from Reddit for trying to build up a gaming community/podcast. NewTubers just axed me today, just looking for other alternatives here that aren't always on my back?
  8. suykensjonathan

    Vlog International collaboration

    International collaboration: for people who are serious about it and want to go for it, more info via pm. Regards
  9. Unkle Reno Gaming

    Gaming I'm looking for funny UK people/person to collaborate with

    I'm 34 so ideally looking for someone in that wheelhouse to discuss/mock current trending gaming affairs. I love the gaming industry but at the same time enjoying pointing out and mocking how utterly ludicrous it is at times and further to that end how insane peoples attitudes are towards it...
  10. R

    Animation Digital designer and animator looking for a partner to build a YouTube Business

    Hi there, I'm a digital designer and animator looking for a partner to build a long-term business. The goal: Create a channel together Motivations: Why are both of you into this? Money? Fame? Passion? I know what I don't want: fame. I do know what I want: money, get a passive income. Equity...
  11. xxvl0ggt1234

    Gaming ROBLOX, Minecraft Collaborator.

    Looking for a YouTuber who can collaborate me in ROBLOX and in Minecraft.
  12. D

    Gaming Looking for FORTNITE colaboration - easy

    Check out my channel. The next video we are working on is for Spiderman Homecoming. We have one clip where they are gaming on a laptop. I need a fun fortnite clip. Maybe with a good kill and then a victory dance. It needs to be about 5 seconds long. I will give a shoutout to join your channel at...
  13. Tharsan

    Animation Looking to Collab w/ animator to discuss scientific/medical topics

    I would like to work with a creative individual(s) to create a channel where we discuss scientific and/or medical current or hot topics, news, etc. The videos can be comprised of either exclusively animation, or a combination of animation and live video wherever appropriate. I have an...
  14. KattyMeel

    Gaming Looking for people interested in long term collabs

    Hi. It’s been a while since I posted in this section but I’m back and I’m looking for people interested in long term collabs. I’m apart of a good sized Discord group and we are looking for people who want to take YouTube seriously and help each other grow, simply by doing videos with one...
  15. SauceOne

    Gaming Let's make some videos together!

    Howdy, peeps! I'm looking to branch out and find some new, diverse people to record funny moments content with. I've got a variety of multiplayer games we could play, including: PC: PUBG Rocket League Rainbow Six: Siege (warning, I suck at this game, so it's gonna be a hilarious disaster)...
  16. F

    Gaming Looking for Members/Collaboration for the Special Squad PC YT Channel (Funny-Serious)

    We are searching for two new Team Members for a five man YouTube Channel. I just wanna point out that everybody is still able/allowed to have his own Twitch or YouTube account if he wants to have that. It is a channel that has a place for us to mess about and gives the viewers a nice chance to...
  17. kingmartinez1

    Music Looking For Singers And Or Rappers For a Collaboration Album

    Hello i am a rapper by the name of King Martinez.. i am taking music very seriously and i am on the grind trying to create something great, i am searching for singers and rappers with the same ethic and desire to create. you dont need to be the greatest artist to join, all you need is a mic a pc...
  18. Max Sobrano

    Meet Up/Gathering New Jersey Youtube Meetup

    Whose down to have a New Jersey Youtuber meetup? I haven't seen any threads on this subject as of late. I live on the Jersey Shore and think that would be the best place for everyone to meet up since its in the middle of the state. My channel is run by me and my friend in college who just film...
  19. Jammy951

    Gaming PC gaming group

    I am Jammy951, I am looking for more people to join a collaboration group that is already established. Games we play are a mixture; Ark Conan Rocket League Minecraft and so on.... We have a group of 70+ members and are looking for more active members so be able to hold our own comps ect. All...
  20. Austin Armstrong

    Other Anyone in mental health or digital marketing tutorial space?

    Hi everyone! I manage two channels, one a mental health, psychology, addiction oriented channel as well as my own personal channel that offers digital marketing strategies and tutorials. I would love to collaborate if anyone is interested in either of these spaces!
  21. Unearned

    xbox one/ pc looking to collab with other youtubers.

    I am 13 and looking for other gaming youtubers to upload with. I have a pc but mostly use my xbox one. Lookin for 13+ to collab and have fun with. I have mostly free games on pc and GMOD. On xbox i have games like rainbow six seige titanfall 2 friday the 13th Mortal kombat saints row 4 watch...
  22. KrenzyHD

    Commentary Looking for Collabs! - Small Commentary Channels

    I am looking for some small commentary channels who make good quality content who I can collab with. I have 224 subscribers at the time of this post but I'm not really too fussed about the sub count- as long as you are entertaining and produce content of a high standard. I make "reaction...
  23. Ent Ashy

    Gaming Fighting games group? (PS4)

    Looking for a chill group of people (or person) to play fighting game with & record. Some games I have. Seven Deadly Sins, Guilty Gear Rev 2, Brawlhalla, Dragonball Fighterz, Xenoverse 2. & I can buy more if needed. Twitter: @entashy PSN: EntAshy
  24. J

    Gaming Looking for someone who wants to help me with a skit.

    I just need 2-3 people to help me do a skit in Fortnite. Since crossplay is a thing pc players can help too. I just need 2-3 people. This is just really quick and I will link your channel in the description. I will tell you about the skit when you agree to respond. No age requirements or...
  25. Z

    Other Oshawa - Toronto photographer wants to collab..

    Hello there... I am fairly new to youtube but picking up organic subscribers. I am looking for collaborations if anybody is interested... I am photographer based in Oshawa but can do any Durham Region or Toronto area... Thank you Zdenka
  26. T

    Gaming Collab anyone?

    My name is TurkeyBoy55 I’m the creator of the YouTube group core 4! My channel started 1 month ago and already has 1,500 subscribers! But I’m now growing at 75 to 125 subscribers a day! So anyone want to do a collab with me!
  27. Connor's Corner

    How to search and filter YT Videos by channel size and views criteria

    Hi. I'm trying to find a specific sized channel to look for potential collaborators. To make it equitable, I want to find a channel with under 500 subscribers or with video views that average under 2,000. I don't see the ability to do that in YouTube with their filters. Is there a plugin or...
  28. Connor's Corner

    Meet Up/Gathering 7 to 9 yr old Orange County California collaboration toy review

    Hi. I'm looking for a child collaborator in South Los Angeles County, Long Beach, or Orange County to do a collaboration video. Looking for a small channel for an equitable collaboration. We are looking for a guest kid to play with Connor and a new toy to review for the audience. We...
  29. Aimee Rondeau

    Commentary Collab Partner or Team

    Hello! I have been wanting to start making videos, as well as a possible corresponding podcast, for a long time now but would prefer to do it with a partner or even a small team. My ideas are pretty versatile from sit down talk videos discussing general things and interests, like tv shows...
  30. Dre4drocks

    Gaming looking for people to join our group.

    Hi, Me and the crew im in is looking for Funny moments gamers, we are on ps4 and pc, we are looking for people that are 18+. We are looking for people because we all live in different timezones ( some in europe and some in australia, about 7 hours in different) so we are not fexible with times...