Gaming Looking for Members/Collaboration for the Special Squad PC YT Channel (Funny-Serious)


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We are searching for two new Team Members for a five man YouTube Channel. I just wanna point out that everybody is still able/allowed to have his own Twitch or YouTube account if he wants to have that.
It is a channel that has a place for us to mess about and gives the viewers a nice chance to enjoy some of our Team based Gameplay. Despite playing Multiplayer games, there is always place for a single player let's play. We enjoy all sorts of games but are connected through games like Hearts of Iron IV, all other Paradox Games and games like War Thunder or ARK. Despite that games like Golf It! or any game that you want us to play. The requirements for you to join are: be at least 18, own a copy of Hearts of Iron IV, be able to record games on your own and do not be easily offended by our special humour. We are using Discord to communicate with each other so that is another requirement. Our main goal is to generally have a good time and give the viewers good content. Everything can be changed to a certain degree.

Since i cant post links here search for the channel on YouTube: Special Squad.
IF you are interested open a conversation with me and send me your Discord username.