Gaming PC channel on the rise


I've Got It
Yes, I'm old. Yes, I work full time. Yes, I can curse like a sailor... because I was one. But I've been playing games for over 35 years, and get pretty passionate about it. I currently play Warframe and have over 3300 hours since December 2017. It was because of my knowledge, willingness to help, and twisted sense of humor that people asked me to make videos for it. I did not start doing this seriously until a few months ago.

I'd like to find others that I can mesh well with and also understand I cannot devote as much time as someone who does this full time. Since I started editing and promoting my videos, the growth I've seen is far greater than the rest of the time combined. I also started doing contests, which help a lot. Yes I buy some of the stuff, and will be giving away hardware (like a video card). If partnered with channel(s) that growth exceeds what I expect, I will also contribute for something they can give away, plus a large grand prize between the collaboration. You can get a sense of my humor and personality on my "shotguns" video.

Take care, and best of luck to you.