1. J

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft YouTuber to Collaborate with. (PC 16+)

    Hello, my name is Jared or Joru, as referred to by my YouTube name. I am currently looking for a Minecraft YouTuber with over 300+ subscribers and a decent mic and is very fluid on a schedule. Interests are Skywars, Bedwars, and MiniGames. You would need to be 16+ you can contact on my Twitter...
  2. TylerBillsFilms

    Comedy Illinois sketch comedy collab group (co-writer/actors)

    Hey there! I'm Tyler and I want to make a collaboration group in Illinois for my comedy sketch channel. I'm looking for actors / actresses and a co-writer. I have a ton of ideas, a Sony alpha a6300 (4K camera) and free time to spare. So if you'd like to collaborate please don't hesitate to leave...
  3. M

    Music Looking to Collab

    Hello! I am looking for other youtubers of any caliber to collaborate. I post YouTube covers and would love to work with someone in growing out channels together! Check out my channel: Marissa Dai
  4. Ninselic

    Gaming Hardcore survivalish games, fresh collaboration channel

    I am planning to create a collaboration channel of games with hardcore gameplay (aka, the games that allow for runs with only one life and your out). The games I'm currently thinking of are: "Terraria, Minecraft, Diablo III, Baldur's gate" and similar games. I'm a fairly new channel myself so...
  5. I

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft Collaborations on PC

    Hi! I'm trying to grow a channel, and I want to have someone to be in my videos and collaborate with. I am a 12 year old kid, not a ragey cringelord though. I have a Minecraft server that I would like to play on with my friends. Also, my channel is not going to be serious. All it's supposed to...
  6. AugustinC

    Music Let's collaborate on YT to grow together... ; )

    Hi everyone, I'm a french composer, arranger, sound engineer who compose music, make instrumental covers of well-known themes & vg music. I also make audio tutorials & piano tutorials. I'm sure you'd be interested in sharing videos on collaborate playlists (by theme for example), so that we...
  7. ECHO6251

    Gaming Funny Moments crew

    Hey! So my name is Echo, real name Jacob, but I go by Ian irl, anyways I am looking for a group of people to collaborate with on YouTube like the crew that VanossGaming, MiniLadd, H20 Delirious, I AM WILDCAT, and all of them have made. The reason I list the aforementioned is because I want to...
  8. HeavyTbone


    Hello, my name is HeavyTbone (16). I'm looking for people to recruit for our collaboration team!!! I want to create a collaboration team in which you can be part of. This can help the both of us grow in subscribers and views (so it helps us both!!!). If you're interested in my offer, please...
  9. The Cherrii Family

    Anyone in Fl want to collab?

    Hey, I am new to Youtube and would love to collab with other Y outube channels. We currently have 291 subscribers and are a family channel. We post VLOGS, Pranks, Challenges, and other random videos. Anyone interested?
  10. P

    Comedy Looking for creative people from Germany

    Hi ^-^ I'm looking for people to collaborate with (Such a surprise, right?) from Germany, France or Netherlands. I'll be doing a special for Christmas, and I'd like to find people interested in being in videos on my channel. (If you want to do a video for your channel with me, I'm in as well :D)...
  11. C


    Hey guys. I'm a graphic designer who likes to play video games, so I am making a channel! I don't make many videos yet but when I do I like to play with people who are enjoyable to play with Please be: 14 years of age or older Be a nice, funny person Have any cool games (In the title of the...
  12. Billy Bob Vlogs

    Short Film 6.2K Subscriber Channel looking to collaborate Virginia Beach Boardwalk

    My name is Johanna, I like short films, vlogging, camping, bushcraft, beach activities especially metal detecting. Preferably I'm looking for another female to collaborate with in a short film, and vice versa. Check out my channel, contact me through my youtube channel.
  13. Timothy Randy

    Music Lets collab. I'm looking for (Beatmaker FL Studio)

    Hi there! I'm a singer / songwriter looking for collaboration for original / cover songs So we're all here for the same passion: Loving Music & isn't it beautiful to create one? I'm looking for someone who passionate enough to make beat. Lets make hits! I am also doing Photography / Videography...
  14. Ray Kira

    Music looking for music producers, song masters, and singers

    hey artists! I'm RayKira a song master and singer. I want to start make songs PROFESSIONALLY so, please if you are not professional enough to start working don't reply this post. I am willing to make something like Ed-Sheeran songs or maybe better so, you can email me if you are : singer \...
  15. SorryNoTitle

    Comedy People Living in Dubai....COLLAB!

    Hey Guys, This is SorryNoTitle I am a small youtuber with 1000 subscriber, and I wish to comedy video collabs with other youtubers living in the same area. If you are not living near, I need comedy script ideas, for your favour I will return a shoutout, like all your videos, etc....
  16. kingmartinez1

    Music I Need 1 Rapper for a 3 artist track

    so i have this all set up already, another artist and i have recorded our parts for a song including 3 artists. but the other rapper is slacking, i need someone to fill his place. you will write and record the first verse based on the chosen topic if your interested please email me at...
  17. The Humble JuanB

    Other Elm Street Stories! collab?

    im currently starting a really low budget episodic series around one of my favorite horror films. im looking to see if any of you are interested in working on episodes with me even split directing and shooting. we can collab through meet ups or over the internet, whatever works! contact me if...
  18. Jammy951

    Gaming Want to join a growing youtube gamers group 30+members - no sub limit

    I am an admin on a youtube discord group. We are there to collaborate and help one another in anything youtube gaming/vlogging etc related and also try give you resources that may help you in your content. We only ask that you have a mic/ you are active/ and over 15 to join. None of this...
  19. C

    Gaming Minecraft series players needed

    Hello I'm wanting to start a new blightfall series. Blightfall is a Modpack/ custom adventure map. It's multiplayer for up to six teams, each team would have about three to four people. If you're interested just say so, ideally we should start by the end of next month.
  20. Raid MusicHD

    Music Looking to colaborate with Artists for 24/7 Live Stream

    Hi there Artists I am looking for songs that good for my 24/7 Live Stream Gaming Music. I accept genres like: ❄️ Chill Trap Bass House ⚡ Electronic Hip Hop If you are interested feel free reply this message or you can send your soundcloud link to my E-mail: Everyone...
  21. S

    Vlog Looking for London collabs

    Hi guys, I'm new here :D I'm looking for people to collab in London area. I'm a vlogger and musician but I do all kind of videos. If you interested in collabs, just drop a comment below :D All the best !
  22. The Humble JuanB

    Series Idea!

    Chrononaut, time traveler name of show: FLUX time keeper, the zordon of the series (Prop: back to the future flux capacitor watch available on ebay) flux watch - 3 button system, you press the first button to tell watch when in time you wanna go (date, time and place)...
  23. ICEMonk71

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate with

    Hi there, my name is Jack and I'm looking for people to play some video games with and make some videos at the same time. I am looking for people who plan to be active in recording/playing games and can have a laugh and have fun. Games I play Rainbow Six Siege CSGO Arma 3 War Thunder and an...
  24. C.Tomo

    Gaming Looking for collab/Players CSGO + PUBG

    Hi Currently have a YT channel with 800+ subs but want to take the next steps. i currently stream CSGO and PUBG daily from 11am - 4pm (uk time) and looking for guys to either collab with or play with on either game. Near the same amount of SUBS is preferred but not a must. looking to have a...
  25. MG001

    Gaming Looking for gaming youtubers to collab with (250+ Subscribers) (Any Age) (I record mostly Minecraft)

    So basically I record gaming videos and sometimes vlogs but mainly gaming and my preferred games are Minecraft and Roblox. Also, you need to have at least 250 subscribers to collab with me! Any age can collab with me!
  26. The Humble JuanB

    Short Film Ninja Contracts!

    if you live near the harrisburg, mechanicsburg, carlisle or camp hill Pennsylvania area would you be interested in being apart of a short film series im doing as a "ninja" who gets different 'contracts' to end my victims (you) OR be my partner ninja and we do one contract each episode at a time...
  27. deadman

    Gaming need someone to collab with

    hi im the dead man and i like for anybody that are over 16 come collab with me on the pc and maybe become friends if your down come chat with me!!!!
  28. Morpheus0316

    Gaming Beyond The Pixel Feature

    Hey guys I live stream a weekly podcast called Beyond The Pixel where we have a weekly topic that we discuss. I would be honored if I can get youtubers featured on this podcast. Please email me at so we can discuss details. All the best Demetrius
  29. Mr Patriotic

    Gaming PC Gameplay Collab! Variety of Games, MC plus any others!

    Sup peeps, My names Sam, Im 17 and play a bunch of games! I Run a youtube channel and have 323 subs (at the time of writing this!) I am growing by 1-3 a day, and am looking for a youtuber to collab with. Only requirements are you must have 250+ subs, otherwise, there is no point for me! You...
  30. Mastertv

    Short Film Looking for some experienced film maker

    I want to collab with numerous film maker to produce a master piece. Anyone interested. I'm sure it will be an amazing project to grow all together.