Gaming Looking for gaming podcast co-hosts!


YTtalk Mad
Looking for fellow collaborators to regularly join me for a new podcast series, where we discuss recent gaming and gaming tech news. The goal is to have at least 2-3 people, with a max of 5, to make sure everyone has a chance to talk and be heard.

My channel currently sits at about 360 subscribers, and gets a monthly viewcount of around 2,000ish views a month, so it's by no means big, but it still has found some small traction.

I currently collaborate with RandomEdd, a fellow small creator, currently sitting at around 420 subscribers and around 4,000 views per month. However, we are looking for preferably 2-3 more co-hosts.

For those interested, just a few basic requirements:

-At least roughly 1,500-2,000 views a month.
At least roughly 300 subscribers total.
-Must have a decent awareness of gaming news & recent gaming trends. Nothing fancy.

I would also ask that, within a week of the original video on my end, you must also have published the podcast on your own channel as well, so we can effectively cross-promote on our separate channels. If for some reason you can't get the podcast up within that time, just DM me with an expected publishing ETA. Repeatedly failing to cross-promote may get you kicked from the podcast.

If you're interested, reply below, or DM me over Twitter. (@WarriorDanYT).
Can't wait to hopefully hear from some of you soon!