Gaming Looking for a few people to play with or talk video games with!


Hi, I own a small channel that I hope will grow. One of the best ways of growing your channel is by collaborating with others, as their subs will see your content and may subscribe. This is why I would love to collaborate with some other people, as we can all be friends and grow each other's channels! If you give me a list of a few games you play, I'm sure we can play together and hopefully become good friends!

I am willing to do: funny moments montages, a series on a coop or multiplayer game, a review of a game, or anything you decide too!

Reply below if you're interested in playing or recording together, I mainly play Xbox One, but I can play Switch and PS4 if necessary!

The channel button doesn't normally work, so here is a link to my channel :)
Hey, I'd like to do some videos with you and work together on youtube videos, or to make clips, etc. I'm 17 and my discord is Skoot#3078 if you'd like to contact me there, otherwise just on yttalk