new friends

  1. TeeDottie1

    Vlog We just want to make you all laugh and smile!!

    Hi there loves!! It's Tee from Tee & Zee Dott on yt... We're looking to make new youtube friends!! and maybe hopefully collab someday. WE live in Upstate NY .. Rochester Ny area!! Please hit us for suggestions.. peace!
  2. ZaFox

    Gaming Looking for a few people to play with or talk video games with!

    Hi, I own a small channel that I hope will grow. One of the best ways of growing your channel is by collaborating with others, as their subs will see your content and may subscribe. This is why I would love to collaborate with some other people, as we can all be friends and grow each other's...
  3. TheToastGamer

    Gaming CLOSED Looking for some cool PC gamers for a group!

    Hey guys, My name is Lexi, i'm 19 & I'm from the UK. I have a Youtube channel, called TheToastGamer (you can click the link below) I do a mix of game reviews, featuring friends (which is collabs), let's plays, and funny moments. I just really want to find a solid group of friends that i can...
  4. HelenMorgan

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking to Meet Fellow Youtubers c:

    Hey! I'm Helen and I'm 18. I do beauty/fashion/lifestyle videos, and I'm pretty new to youtube so I would love to meet some other youtubers c: I have skype and I'm open to meetups if anyone is in the Cincinnati area ^_^
  5. JaydeVlogs

    New Channels!

  6. SwankGaming

    Gaming You Game On Pc or Ps4? Lets Collab!

    Hey guys i recently just hit 300 subs and it feels awesome! I'm looking to collab with people with similar size as me or someone who really enjoy playing video games and just having fun! You have to be atleast 18 y/o, have a headset, be energetic, and love video games! If there's something you...