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Hey Guys,
If you're a female singer and between the age (12-32),
I have an offer for you.
I have made a background score, and lyrics for a song, which I will be posting on My Channel. Its gonna be an English song, so you'll need the basic accent and stuff. If you're ready for it, then You Have To Send Me an email,(Mail Me at telling me you're interested. I will send a clip of the background score, lyrics, and me singing it just so you get an idea of what to do. improvisations to the song are welcome, and You should send an MP3/WAV file of yourself singing the song (please no auto-tune, or if you are using auto-tune, it shouldn't be evident), along with a video of yourself singing it too. If I think you are the correct person I need, I'll mix the vocals with the music, and mail you with information on what to do about the video part ( i require a silhouette kinda thing i guess, but you can share suggestions). Once the Video is Posted, on It will be a shoutout/clickable link to your channel/ Instagram or whatever, with the link of some of your videos or stuff, in the description too if you want.

Thank you guys, anyways. Hoping to Have a Wonderful Time Collaborating with Ya.

SorryNoTitle Industries.
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