Gaming Collaboration (PC)


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Hey. Looking for people to collab with; here are the requirements

-Don't be like 6 :/
-150+ subs OR I could look at your videos and if I think they're good you can get through this
-Have an active YT channel (breaks are okay but dont not upload for like 3 months)
-A good mic

Here are the games I have:
Fortnite (will only play if you dont have pubg)
Friday the 13th: The Game (prefered game to play)
And lots of others we can talk about it

sooooo add me on discord if interested
i am not 6 XD i'm 14, i dont have 150 subs but am pretty good at minecraft and i do commentate even though havent uploaded any vids with it check my channel out- Pinaco( cant put link in )
if you are interested in minecraft collab discord me- Mahi#3170
Hey bro!
Got 36 subs, new channel but i upload daily and i dare say my content is pretty descent except the mic quality.
I'm getting a new mic in about 2-3 days so dont worry about that, hope you enjoy, if you do leave me a message so we can collab and hopefully make some nice content!
GomiVTR is my channel, go check it out and if you like it let's collab!