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I use AVS Video Editor for the actual editing. I use Elgato's 4k Capture software for recording and a regular webcam for the overlays, then I sync them up. I don't really like OBS and have avoided the software. Not sure if its improved since I last used it but I opened it recently and it feels the same.
I use Magix movie edit pro the choice of editing software will depend on each user's specific needs and preferences.
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Well mate, in the video editing world, there are a few popular options that people tend to use. At our workshop we primarily use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for our video editing. When it comes to animation pipeline ( ), the video editing process is an essential step to bring all the separate pieces together into one final product. Premiere Pro is great for cutting and assembling video footage, while After Effects allows us to add motion graphics, special effects, and other animation elements to our videos. Of course, there are other video editing software options out there, but we find that Adobe's suite of products ( ) works well for our needs. Final Cut Pro is another top contender for the Apple lovers out there. And if you're on a budget, you might want to check out DaVinci Resolve ( ).
To be honest, I am still kind of new to editing my YouTube videos, but I use Wondershare Filmora 12 for now. When I learn more about the expert editing I will probably move up to the DaVinci Resolve in the future.