1. G

    Request Can someone please edit my vids for free?

    Hi, im GodXero and I recently started a minecraft channel but am always to busy and dont have the skills to edit. I would give u shoutouts and link your channel (if you dont have one i would write your name/username) in the description. Ill put my discord and email below. discord: GodXero#6913...
  2. NickNobody847

    Could You Guys Recommend Me Some Good Video Editors?

    Could You Guys Please Recommend Me Some Good Video Editors So I Could Edit My YouTube Videos And My TikTok Videos?
  3. 4

    Require YouTube video editor for 100k channel

    Hi All, Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a social media influencer with over 750k+ followers on tiktok, 100k subscribers on YouTube and 229k followers on Instagram. My current style of video content is comedy/challenge/vlog. Ideally I’m looking for an all round editor that can also edit my...
  4. 4

    Request YouTube video editor for 100k channel

    Hi All, Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a social media influencer with over 750k+ followers on tiktok, 100k subscribers on YouTube and 229k followers on Instagram. My current style of video content is comedy/challenge/vlog. Ideally I’m looking for an all round editor that can also edit my...
  5. SheepDreams

    Request Inquire for editor (PAID)

    Hello my name is Sheepy. I run a channel called SheepDreams. It's currently at 1.51k but I'm trying to increase my own production time frames. I need at least an experience editor in keyframing, greenscreening, and mild effects. It's not the easiest job nor the hardest kind of a mid-tier job...
  6. Qwikstreet

    Free Intro Makers

    I was looking for a free online intro/resource maker and I thought I found one (PlaceIT) but they then needed a subscription at the end to download. IT looks like a decent site with tons of resources but I am not in the position to pay...right now. I'm wondering if anyone knows or uses an...
  7. Dibge

    Gaming Video editor looking to edit and collab.

    Hey, I am a video editor looking to edit for and collab with any gaming/group of channels. I only play on pc. I have tried a group channel before with friends but no one really had a passion for yt like I did. If you want to see the style of content I’ll post a link to my Youtube channel. If...
  8. O

    Vlog Starting a new exiting vlog - HELP NEEDED!

    Hello guys thanks for taking the time out of your day to see if you can be of assistance. A few friends and started a business in an exotic pet market about a year prior. We'd also like to get a vlog started to increase our customer base and to provide more content to our fans. We have...
  9. boxofkinsley

    Gaming Gaming group/community looking for new people

    Hello, I'm Kinsley and I currently have a discord with my friends that involves gamers, streamers, editors, and artists, and we're looking for new members since the discord is pretty small so far. We do a lot of fun stuff and play games together almost every day, this includes. League of...
  10. Protecterorb

    Gaming Gaming group looking for new members

    Hey everyone, I'm Orb, a founder of WinMore Productions. We create gaming content for YouTube and Twitch. We do some filming offline, too! If you wanna join, than fill out this application, thank you so much! 1.Name: 2. Timezone: 3. Discord: 4. Age: 5. YouTube/twitch: 6. What skills do you...
  11. EpicCrusher

    Any thoughts about iMovie?

    I'm considering using iMovie editor software and wondering if anyone has experience with this? Good or bad experiences? In my case, I think I do not need a very expensive editor software. I will just edit/cut video where I crushing things and add some music. Thanks for all opinions!
  12. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Editor For Collab Channel

    Hello I'm GucciCarry from the channel "Players One". Players One is a channel that consists of 5 youtubers. 4 of us all have over 2,000+ subscribers so we're all pretty experienced with youtube. This channel is fresh (less than a month old) The main focus of the content is Gaming/Comedy. We...
  13. Raid Chico

    Request VFX Intro Designer Needed

    Hey, I'm currently looking for an EXPERIENCED VFX designer that can make an Intro for me. If you are a VFX artist yourself, please send me some of your work maybe like your portfolio so I can see what kind of designs and things you can do. I really need someone who can make a sick Intro for me...
  14. Sickotik

    Gaming New Youtubers for Neebs Gaming type channel

    I'm basically new to Youtubing. Been video editing for 12 years. Doing Sound Design for 6. A Musician for 27. I'm 34 years old and would like to start a channel like Neebs Gaming. Just need other people as serious about videography and youtube as I am. Especially people with senses of humor...
  15. AnejKGaming

    Short Film 12 days of Christmas!

    Hello, Me and my Art High School are making a Christmas themed youtube videos. We got an idea that we would post 12 videos because there are 12 days of Christmas. We have all video ideas written down but we are struggling with scripts. We wrote a main story (frame) but we dont know how to turn...
  16. SoccerBrosTv

    Best Editor for Montages?

    Hey guys, Couple of our members are gamers and I'm one of their editors... I was looking to see what editor is best for Montages except any Adobe or Sony Vegas programs. Any helpful programs? Thank you.
  17. The Super Girls Channel

    Need help with special effects/editors

    Hello everyone! My daughter really wanuts to do that whole magic/fairy dust effect and others in her vids. I haver no idea how though. I've tried to check which editors provide those type of special effects (if that's even what it's called), but I haven't had any luck with specifics. If anyone...
  18. jrock20

    Request Need a template editor with photoshop

    I honestly hope this is under the right tab but I need help with my channel art and graphics. I have several templates but I cannot buy photoshop at the moment. I'm looking for a person who's willing to simply edit the templates and they can receive whatever shoutout they want on all videos...
  19. SupWithT

    Can someone please tell me the best FREE Editor??

    I am in serious help....I really need help finding a good video editor to use for my channel. Can someone please help me or give suggestions? :(
  20. C

    What's up with the YouTube Audio Editor?

    So we shot a documentary. A lot of work went into it. I chose to use an audio track that I felt may not be copyrighted being that I found it on a site that "claimed" it was remixed so it was royalty free. Apparently YouTube did not feel the same. Anyway, Long story short after uploading and...
  21. LeechBoy

    Newbie Editor - Wanting to get better, will edit videos for free!

    Please message me on skype. My skype is Radioactive.Tea I use videopad, a free software and i am pretty good at it. my videos are all editing since they are amvs. all i want in return is my youtube in your description, and on your front page, my channel as one of the favorites.
  22. networkstudios

    Short Film UK based filming group

    so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. i am looking to create a group of film maker, script writers and editors to make short films. currently i am a script writer and have another script writer/film maker in the group already, plus a few people that can help as actors. pretty much no...
  23. NRMRDyt

    Looking for a FREE, PROFESSIONAL, EASY TO USE Video Editor? Check Out This Thread!

    So I recently have been using a new video editor I discovered, and I LOVE IT! It has all the features you can want, it looks very professional, has all the professional features, its EASY TO USE, And best of all, its FREE, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST, NO PAYING FOR EXTRA, ITS ALL IN ONE FREE! The...
  24. K

    Request Looking for a GFX designer and editor for our clan!

    We've now gathered some subs and we're looking to start weekly and maybe daily uploading. We need a gfx designer who can make custom thumbnails, banners and logos. No templates. And an editor for our montages and our new series coming out which we havent finished deciding on yet. Add me on...
  25. Dv7FutboldHD

    I need some feedback i will do the same :)

    I am a soccer editor on youtube. I started yesterday and my first video is up, i am currently uploading my second. I want to build some support and also help the people supporting me. Let me know what you think of my video and I will also rate your content :). Thanks My newest video is up tell...
  26. SeanFace101

    Does the YouTube Editor have a option for me to Voiceover?

    How do I do a voice over on my video using the YouTube Editor? If this is possible? .. :P (If not, what can I use to do this for my video?)
  27. S

    Services I will edit for FREE

    I've finished university for the summer now and I've got some free time. (TV Post Production course) If anyone needs ANYTHING edited I'm up for it. I know how to use Final Cut, Premiere and After Effects.
  28. ESD

    Services Intros/Outros and 2D Motion Graphics for FREE!

    Hi there! I am a video editor that is looking to build up a portfolio of work, I'm happy to create Intro/Outros as well as 2D Motion Graphics for your videos. For the intros/outros I use Premiere Pro and for the graphics, I use After Effects. Here is a selection of screenshots showing my...
  29. GamingRack

    Short Film CameraMan, Editor or just general assistant and ideas man to anyone creating video content.

    I enjoy creating content myself and have a gaming channel already established on youtube but id like to work with some people to create live acton content (skits, any kind of comedy videos, action, ect..), I dont have the resources or the people to do it so id like to find some guys or gals who...
  30. FHgames

    Gaming Looking for an editor

    Hi. I Have a small youtube channel called fat and hairy where we play lots of fun games. however college has been taking up my time and so I need help with editing. I will prebake everything you need to do the editing job, all I'm looking for is somebody who's willing to cut down an hour of...