Short Film CameraMan, Editor or just general assistant and ideas man to anyone creating video content.


I enjoy creating content myself and have a gaming channel already established on youtube but id like to work with some people to create live acton content (skits, any kind of comedy videos, action, ect..), I dont have the resources or the people to do it so id like to find some guys or gals who have an idea and need help.

Unfortunately I dont have my own camera equipment or have that much experience behind one but I have quite a good eye and have worked with camera equipment enough to know what looks good and im sure I can build on my knowledge quickly, or maybe you just need an editor and I have all the equipment in place to do that.

Im not looking to be paid as this is something id like to help people with for free and creating content of any kind is a big hobby of mine so maybe we could create something great either for youtube or something completely diffrerent, so if you are looking for an extra guy who can provide camera work, any kind off assistance be it script writing, general opinions or editing for your videos then email me with what you are doing and ill let you know if I can help.

I am based just outside london so anything too far up north wont be easy for me to get to but try me anyway!
I'm searching for someone to help with editing my raw footage. I spend most of my time training on games for top spots. So I don't leave much time to edit the raw footage I collect. I do tend to do hot plays so there is a bunch of gems in the videos that can be used. I've currently been recording plays of Over Watch. The gems being clutch plays. There is a good amount of footage that can be made into tutorial/instructional videos for people who want to learn about those subjects. I want to aim to put out 1 video per day up to 2 videos per day. Also I'm very interested in getting into doing comedy sketches in games. Though think I got a monotone voice, so would need to figure out how to use that as an advantage.
I Like editing which is great because i have loads of free time. If anyone is interested in some editing done for them or even an editor, let me know.