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  1. C

    Davinci Resolve issue

    i can't install custom drfx files on Davinci Resolve. Can't find anyone else that has had a similar issue on google, so now i seek out help from you guys.
  2. VRONA

    Picking the Best Video Editing Software for You!

    In this thread I want to go over exactly how to get the right editing software for you. I want to do this after I noticed lot's of people fall into a trap of judging content by what editing software it was edited in. So first off, some background on what I use: When my channel first began 4...
  3. DePhil

    premiere pro vs. vegas pro and wich is better

    Dear Community, a lot of people asked about premiere pro and sony vegas pro. let me explain the basic differences. In fact, premiere pro has some more options, effects, settings and opportunities than vegas pro developed by Sony(13) or Magix(14), but the result is that vegas pro is easier to...
  4. Tac0cann0n

    A Focus on Edits or not?

    I've been creating videos for a few years now, and it's gotten to the point where I am comfortable editing videos and adding my own personal twist to them. The question I have though is this; How much editing is too much editing? I want to create my content to be as entertaining as possible...
  5. Mcradical

    What does everyone use for editing?

    Hey guys and gals, Just a quick question here: what does everyone use to edit their videos? I'm curious to know- I use Final Cut Pro X, which I hear is like the marmite of the editing world, you either love it or you hate it (I obviously love it). Cheers, Chris
  6. Leeroi

    Intro & outro: can it be added in Youtube video manager?

    hi, 1/ i'd like to use the same (short) intro and outro in all my videos. Is this something that has to be added in the final edit of your video in your editing software (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, ..) or can it be added (and changed at a later time) in Youtube? 2/ also, can you add thumbnails in...
  7. CelyD87

    Editing software on A Kids Channel

    I recently started a kids youtube channel 4 months ago. I'm currently using windows movie maker which is very user friendly and has been good so far. However, I think I'm ready for an editor that offers a little more than the basic. I know iMovie is better but I don't own a Mac and adobe...
  8. ItsMeRich

    What is the best free editing system to use

    I have found out that starting out on YouTube is very because making videos with out a good editing system can be very hard. So I wanted to know what decent editing systems (that are free) I could use.
  9. Ballistic


    Hey guys I was wondering if you could check out one of my more recent videos ( youtube.com/ballisticc ) and tell me what I could do to improve my editing and make it look more official, and a lot more humorous. I use Sony Vegas Pro 13
  10. xBlazingStar94x

    To those that edit for people: How did you build your rep?

    I am writing a report on freelance editing and considering YouTube is a good place to do that in nowadays, I am looking for some people to talk to. I am interested in how you guys started out and how long it took you to build a good reputation. So do talk to me below or PM me. I want to work as...