1. Masonguyzz

    Need help!!!!

    Hey guys I'm new to this sight and I need help! I create short vids and do vfx tutorials on hitfilm and I need some ideas to actually start a new channel since I haven't posted yet!!! Also besides vid ideas how do I advertise my channel right and how do I gain subs??
  2. bluidguy

    Hitfilm 4 Express double transitions

    In HitFilm 4 Express, if you accidentally put two full Linear Wipe Transitions, you get the effect of a black screen being wiped between the two clips. I ended up watching several videos and basically with the help of someone else I was posting back and forth with on a Facebook group pretty much...
  3. bluidguy

    Video Transparency (Hitfilm 4 Express)

    I have done some research on something I'm trying to do, I have a face-cam type of thing on some of my gta videos and it's my character instead of my face, anyway I have been trying to shrink that picture as far down as possible while still having an image that's not going to be so small it's...
  4. The Unwanted Letter

    To Hitfilm Or Not to Hitfilm

    So i'm deciding on a new editing software and i've been looking at hitfilm 4 pro and it has a lot of features but the effects mash up i've seen on youtube have a lot of well...gimmicky effects in my opnion that could just be the person who is using the software idek, but my question is Can this...
  5. Jayel_Boss

    Hitfilm 4 express crashing

    Hey people now i know that the question im asking should be brought up with hitfilm themselves, but it is going to take up to 3 days for a response so i was wondering if i can get an answer quicker here. I have a macbook w Intel HD 3000 graphics, i5 and 16gb of ram and whenever i open hitfilm...
  6. Lizzeelive

    Is Hitfilm 4 express good for gaming?

    I have been using Lightworks, but it has been being glitchy lately. I want to get a new software, but don't want to put alot of money into it.I make gaming videos and I really want to get better at editing, I really only have the basics down. Do you think Hitfilm 4 Express is good for me?