1. AncientEmma

    Attracting the "Target" Audience

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had any tips for attracting the sort of audience they want to watch their content. In general, I try to go through the comments section of a video from a Youtuber I admire, find someone who posts their own content, then comment on one of their videos (if...
  2. RememberThatTimeWe...


    Hi, We're a couple doing long-distance that likes to meet up in interesting places and vlog about it! You should check out our videos!
  3. Kyalan

    Show me your Vlog & People videos to review

    Hi, I will review your vlog & people videos. Real critiques and genuine feedback will be given. Link your video bellow
  4. KatyaE

    Vlog any Vlogglers in the Toronto Area or Ottawa

    Hello if you live near the GTA or ottawa even close I have a channel with my boyfriend I we are trying to improve as much as we can so if there's anyone out there interested in doing a collab let me know
  5. Logenk37

    New vlog!!

    My last vlog i just uploaded is my favorite so far and i wanted to share it with everyone. I'm pretty proud of the editing so I'd love if you checked it out and tell me what y'all think!! :D
  6. Logenk37

    Vlog Hey from Texas!!

    Not interested in doing a collab yet but i just wanted to see how many vloggers are from Texas!! Would love to hear from other states as well!!
  7. UnaverageNorwegian

    Vlog Vloggers gameshow collab

    Hi guys, Im a fairly new vlogger / youtuber (28 sub 1100 views) who vlogs about myself, my adventures, Norway, my work, thoughts, ideas, and so on, i also try to be a bit funny and creative, and thats where this collab comes in. I have been playing around with an idea about a collab, where i...
  8. Steve and Jodi's Vlog

    Vlog Vlog or Challenge Video Collab

    Hello we are new to the forum and are interested in Collabing more. A little about us: We make, travel vlogs, day to day vlogs, tags and challenge videos We have been making videos since 2012 We are American but live in the Netherlands We have 5k subscribers and looking to grow and help others...
  9. Roots_97

    Review My Channel?:)

    Hey there guys it's Roots:) I'm a vlogger. My goal is to break down my vlogs into episodes and seasons. I kind of started editing in a specific style that I'm still playing around with to grab new viewers attention. I'm even nervous posting to this thread but I am open to reviews and feedback:)...
  10. Adam Goodsell


    Currently in Guatemala, we're on our way down to nicaragua, would be willing to go down to Costa Rica for some good collabs. Let me know what you guys think. Please leave the following: Name: Location: Channel: Best Form Of Contact: Willing to meet up all over the world this year. LETS TAKE...
  11. Jordan Pike

    Vlog Featured Channels - Who wants to help each other out? ~100 subs

    Hey guys! So I would love to work with a handful of channels, vloggers and travel vloggers in my case, and feature each other's pages in each other's featured channels section. This way we can help create more traffic between our channels and help share our subscribers! I know these links...
  12. Deanishes

    Favourite Track to use?

    Hey Hey, I've noticed a lot of people like to use the same backing track for their vlogs/channel videos. I haven't found one that I'm happy to remain as a main background track yet. I've got some default ones I go back to every now and again, but it's rare. Which brings me to my question...
  13. Jack Walker

    My Vlogging Channel

    Hey there I'm Jack, my channel is: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC7XNJvS5z7K1N1Bku6_cSxQ I've been on YouTube since November now, I have 43 subscribers, what so you think of my channel on the whole? Are my videos engaging? Are my thumbnails good? Any responses would be great thanks! Also I...
  14. RizzleyVlogs

    Finally at 1000 views!

    We've finally got to over 1000 views! Our first proper milestone!
  15. LRwF

    How is our brand?

    Hello! Iv been looking at ways to improve our channel recently (I have had a lot of spare time which is unusual). I was hoping for some advice and feedback about the look of our channel, if it is attention grabbing or not, so we can improve. We have also been umming and erring about changing our...
  16. Edward Camera Hands

    Vlog los angeles collaboration

    I really want to collab with someone similar to me! we could perform a challenge or something of that sort! Must live in LA!
  17. Delightfully Dumb

    Embarrassed to shoot videos in public?

    I just finished shooting a video at my local Walmart and it was a huge jump out of my comfort zone. I'm not a vlogger, so I was acting and making an a**e of myself and praying not to get caught by someone I knew. Haha. I'm generally a pretty shy person and I found acting like a dork in public...
  18. itsmeLori

    Vlog Tri-state area vlogger chat group?

    Hi guys! I'm thinking about starting a Whatsapp group specifically for smaller Youtubers in the NY/NJ/CT area, especially vloggers, to exchange support/ideas, etc. If you're over 18 and have between 100 and 1,000 subscribers, please let me know if you're interested!
  19. Mr Kerbibble

    2 Years Daily Vlogging Montage! WOO! Finally! :D

    Well, it has been QUITE the trip! Earlier this month, my wife and I hit 2 years of Daily Vlogging on our Vlogging channel! So, in honor of hitting 2 years, we put together a little montage of all the Cosplay, nerdy discussions, family get-togethers, challenges, and other random things we did in...
  20. Roots_97

    Why Do You Vlog?

    Hey guys its Roots! I just wanted to talk about vlogging and why I love it so much. I think vlogging is a great way to see what people do in their daily lives and how they interact with those around them. The reason I started vlogigng is because I wanted to give people a glimpse into my life and...
  21. LifeAsEmilee


    My name is Emilee and I have a vlog channel. I sit in front of my camera and talk or do a skit. I'm looking for other vloggers to collab with. We can do any video idea you have or we come up with one together. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers or around 400 active viewers. The easiest way...
  22. Tyler Boyd

    This is a Thread for Vloggers.

    A key component about being successful at vlogging is a relationship with your viewers. That being said, many vlogging channels (like mine) are small and I wanted to use this thread for other small vloggers to meet each other. Comment below some things about yourself. I'll start: - My name is...
  23. kojohnsn

    Meet Up/Gathering Any vloggers based in Manchester/London/Birmingham/Hudds???

    or anywhere close to those cities? I was just wondering because it seems like every vlogger/youtuber are US based with sexy accents :rolleyes: Let me know; lets be friends :D
  24. SaltyPeppers

    We hit 1,000 Subscribers!!!

    We are new YouTubers and we hit 1,000 Subscribers on Thanksgiving!! We are so excited about the future of our channel. Our new goal is 10,000.
  25. Ben Arrow

    Vlog Daily LifeVloggers

    Hey, My name is Ben, I've been doing daily vlogs (well I try and do every other day for just starting out) vlogs and I'm thinking of maybe having in the very beginning some other vloggers say something like... "Hey this is (ABC Vlogger) and you're watching Ben Arrow Vlogs!" I dunno it might...
  26. Raymond Baxter

    Alba Lnz, Alex Cupid and Raymond Talks

    Hi all - here is a cool collaboration video we do every Friday night about Mental Health. We all found each other on here actually :)
  27. Daaave

    Vlog Looking for like minded channels to make a vlog with (DEADLINE: 16/11/15)

    Hello YTTalk, as the title states above, looking for 3-4 suitable channels to make a vlog around the theme of 'What not to do in public'. It will be a rant which will require you to record a 30 second section on what things irritate you that people do in public. If you're up for it, PM me or...
  28. RayonIsRayon

    Post your last vlog video!!

    Just looking to find some more awesome vloggers out there in youtube land. So let's see the last vlog you made. Down below in mine, let's see yours. Let me support you alright ;)
  29. LindseyslifeNstyle

    Meet Up/Gathering Seattle youtubers

    Looking to meet other youtubers in Washington state. I have a lifestyle channel. Here's my link if you're interested in doing a collab!
  30. Charleskorb98

    Gaining my first 1000 subs !

    Currently I have about 470 subscribers. I just would like some advise to help me grow my channel. BTW I make vlogs, challenges, and pranks !