Vlog Featured Channels - Who wants to help each other out? ~100 subs

Jordan Pike

YTtalk Mad
Hey guys!

So I would love to work with a handful of channels, vloggers and travel vloggers in my case, and feature each other's pages in each other's featured channels section. This way we can help create more traffic between our channels and help share our subscribers! I know these links aren't used a horrible amount, but any chance at more channel traffic should be taken, right?!

I currently have 103 subscribers so I'd be looking for people around my size or greater. Feel free to take a peak at my videos before you make up your mind!

Hope to hear from some of you guys. Thanks!
Well I would like to be part of this and feature each other channels. Wish you the best of luck in your journey.
So your saying you want let's say me to feature your channel, and in exchange you do the same, sounds like a perfect way to increase some traffic, I am currently at 177 subscribers :) interested :)