Favourite Track to use?


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Hey Hey,

I've noticed a lot of people like to use the same backing track for their vlogs/channel videos. I haven't found one that I'm happy to remain as a main background track yet. I've got some default ones I go back to every now and again, but it's rare.

Which brings me to my question; What's your favourite song to use in your videos, and why have you continued to use it? what do you like about it?
I use music I've recorded myself so right now I use our song Judgement a lot. Saves having to look for background music! I know lots of people use the ukulele track from Incompetech.
Gotta get that Royalty Free Ukulele in there

(don't actually use this all royalty free songs are mostly garbage and overused now lol)
I use Jay Man's work over at OurMusicBox.com. Some of the stuff is good. I reckon if you cut and switch the music up enough, take the best parts and mix on certain ways, you can make most tracks work with most videos.
I find my cooking videos backing (free from YouTube) is just peppy and fun, so I've stuck with it. The others are all written and performed by a friend of mine, and since I commissioned her to create the music (for plays I've written/directed), I love using it.
I use different music depending on the type of the video, basically anything that suits the video / idea the most