copyright free

  1. A

    Are copyright-free materials absolutely free for everyone no matter who is the first comer?

    Is there any problem if I reuse copyright-free photos or videos in some websites such as pexels or pixabay which have been used by others for my videos?
  2. Y

    Services FREE Music, Copyright Free Music for your videos!!!

    Hello guys,,, We are yourBedroom Beatz a new Label which releases Copyright Free music. Fell free to check out our channel and download the song you enjoy, also use it on your own , just credit us and the artist and the song name in your description and youre done !
  3. mbherdman

    Anyway to use copy written music?

    So next year I'm going to be working on some videos and I have an idea that would involve clips of music/music videos. Is there anyway to get around the whole copy right thing, like tweak the audio or anything like that? Or just ANYTHING at all I could do about the situation? Thanks so much for...
  4. Whitesand

    Services Copyright-free Epic Music for Videos

    Hi there, In my channel I create copyright and royalty, download free content. Why am I doing this? Well I want to improve as an artist so I keep doing it for free, so one day it would turn into a business. I would appreciate if you use my music, to credit me, it would really help my channel to...
  5. Drazlash

    Request I need some funny music for a montage

    Im editing a montage but its not that serious, Im looking for music like "Space Jam" or "Kirby Dream Land". Any suggestions?
  6. Deanishes

    Favourite Track to use?

    Hey Hey, I've noticed a lot of people like to use the same backing track for their vlogs/channel videos. I haven't found one that I'm happy to remain as a main background track yet. I've got some default ones I go back to every now and again, but it's rare. Which brings me to my question...
  7. optimist

    Services Free no copyright music /customed to your liking

    I'm a music producer willing to provide you with music to go with your videos. I have plenty on my channel and a lot unreleased. If you are looking for something more specific then we can talk further. In return a mention on your channel / channel description.