1. javacentral

    Coffee around the world- Israel

    So I do this series called coffee around the world and I go to different countries and go through their history and culture and types of coffee they have there. I had a guy on my reddit AMA ask for me to do Israel so that's what I did! Let me know whatcha think and any improvements I may need to do.
  2. Its Ryan


    Who else is super confused with reddit. Cuz it legit looks like a site from 2004. If anyone can tell me how to use this i will be very thankful. I heard that it can drive a lot of traffic so.
  3. sphamedia

    Anyone else had problems with the youtuber reddit

    Hi I've been looking into some reddit communities to get feedback on my videos, i came across the youtuber reddit, its kind of sub par but i like some of the people who use it, but I've had some real problems with one of the moderators "simon cowell of mods" he's been really petty and unhelpful...
  4. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I am sort of a new youtuber and I would like to know how I can use reddit to my advantage on promoting my videos. Reddit looks so confusing and it makes no sense to me. If you can tell me how I can share my stuff and how I can grow my channel from reddit that would be great. THANKS!!!
  5. Little World View

    Has anybody ever paid to promote a video on Reddit? How did it go?

    Not sure if anybody has done this on this forum but I'm wondering about it since most of my views come from there. If you have done this: Did it work well for your channel? How much did you pay? Would you recommend it? Cheers!
  6. javacentral

    I'm doing an AMA on Reddit today!

    It's gonna be a blast! All you gotta do is sign up on reddit, which is free and takes like 2 seconds, and you can...well.. ask me anything! Whoops! New link for the ama!
  7. HyDraid

    Best Subreddits for Gaming content ?!

    Does someone know some good subreddits where you can share gaming content ? It would be really helpful I guess :)
  8. Cam Kirkham

    Should i use reddit to promote my videos?

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if it is worth promoting my videos on sub reddits I've heard mixed reviews so have generally stayed away but a lot of people have said thats where most of their subscribers/ views come from? Just wanting to know if anyone has gained subscribers using it and if...
  9. Altairsfriend

    The First Few Months: Posting to external sites?

    So my channel is in its infancy, and I could use some pointers. For instance, what do you guys do when you upload your video? Do you post it to Reddit or some other sites? I guess what I'm asking is what is your uploading process? P.S. What about your tags? The more the merrier?
  10. FestusFX

    What kind of subreddits ?

    Well, I think reddit is a nice place to share/collab with people. But the thing is, I can't find a subreddit that matches good with my content :s Can somebody help ? That would be great ^^
  11. javacentral

    Where do you share your videos?

    I've always wanted to go out and explore new and different websites to where I can share my content. I've so far done Reddit, Facebook, Google+, and a few random websites that are similar to Reddit like Empeopled but to no avail.
  12. Inspirethee

    430 views overnight!!

    Guy guys guys I'm stoked! I gained 42 subscribers since starting my channel a month ago,which considering I had zero, I am fairly content with. My views range from 40-90 per video but yesterday I decided to try Reddit out and my views skyrocketed overnight!!! Went from low 40's to 470 views and...
  13. FestusFX

    How do you use Reddit ?

    Well, I use social media like : Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Etc Etc But I never used Reddit before and It seems really cool but I don't know how it works :s Can somebody help or give a tip for Reddit ?
  14. Tayo

    Simplify Reddit!

    I've been trying to get more viewers from Reddit for months now and eventually just dropped it because I seem be doing a p**s-poor job at it. I don't understand anything about Reddit and I'd rather not sit through a 20-30 minute video to figure it out. But lately I've been leaning back towards...
  15. KeniisuYT

    So You Want To Reddit? | A Comprehensive Guide

    "I don't know who you are, but I know what you want. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide, I can tell you I don't have all the tips. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very short, but somewhat successful career. Skills that make me a...
  16. PsySpy Gaming

    100 Videos and Under 50 Subs

    Hello everyone! I'm Scot but I generally go by PsySpy for the YouTube networking thing. I've been doing my channel for a couple months now and promoting everywhere that I could think to. I took a huge hit in my sub base in April from a glitch in the YouTube system that knocked me from 66 subs...
  17. paigelknowles

    Do you use Reddit???

    The other day I decided to make an account on reddit but its extremely confusing and seems super antiquated on the desktop version. Is using Reddit to promote videos worth it? from what I understood the only way you can really be found is by people liking you and if you have no followers I don't...
  18. Spaceshipcontrol

    Getting exposure?

    Hello guys, a little bit of a backstory might help. So, actually, i uploaded my first videos around year ago, from beginning of April to July, but i deleted most of them because they sucked, only leaving one video that is actually funny. That is why i actually started out with a few subscribers...
  19. Freshly Finished

    REDDIT & Twitter??? Your thoughts, stategies and techniques

    Hey Everyone, I have recently picked up Reddit and well am trying to get more involved in twitter, however... MY LORD ARE THEY CONFUSING lol. Reddit: The one thing i have found on reddit so far is to title your posts as if you were titling a news paper. Dont ever share a post saying "My New...
  20. KeniisuYT

    How Reddit Helped Me.

    Reddit is great for gaining new viewers, subscribers and people who have a shared interest. My subreddit which I love so much is /r/civ as I'm a Civilization fan and love to share my content there! My videos get quite a few views and occasionally I'll gain a new subscriber if I share my video in...
  21. subversiveasset

    What are successful strategies for using Reddit?

    Reddit seems to get a very polarized response from people here. It seems that most people have written the platform off, while others have recognized that it can be very effective -- if you do things right. What are some successful strategies that you have found for using Reddit? I don't claim...
  22. Razz_

    Reddit or not to Reddit? That is the question!

    So the title kinda speaks for it self, but I'm really wondering if I should use Reddit to help grow my channel because a lot of ppl even in YTtalk have been doing it but I've hard a lot of things like you get trolls and stuff like that so I'm kinda confused and the website is hard enough to use...
  23. GooberVlogs

    Reddit Sucks...

    Okay so is there a way to properly use reddit?? I post comments and whenI upload a video and add subreddit newtuber or anything it seems like my video don't show up??? I don't get it.. How do people use reddit is they just delete everything you post
  24. OzTalksHw

    The Power of Reddit (When Used Correctly)

    Aloha. I just want to give some very quick advice for growing YouTubers: use reddit (but use it correctly). My post for reference is /r/hardware/comments/3snu6n/rosewill_neutron_review_miniitx_case_for_3999/ I restarted Youtube and uploaded my first video two days ago. Yesterday, I posted it...
  25. WilBajamas

    Which subreddit for Montages???

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about making a gaming montage on my channel and I am quite active on Reddit but I just don't know where to put my montages on Reddit... Do you guys know of any subreddits or pages to put on?? I appreciate any feedback or tips and comments.... And have a nice Halloween!!
  26. TheFreshBiz

    How do you use REDDIT!?

    Alright I have tried to use reddit in the past because it is a good outlet to reach a good amount of people. But I think it is tricky to navigate all of the different groups and rules that are enforced. Does anyone have any tips or tricks on using reddit? Any experience or success stories?