1. Invest with Will West

    [Video Review] How is my voiceover, audio and plot content, pacing for the video? Advice Welcome!

    Looking for honest critique - what can I improve in terms of voiceover and audio and also the general plot content and pacing of the video? Is it too fast, too slow? How bad is my accent?
  2. AaronSonyi

    Posting on Reddit

    I don't wanna just promote myself on reddit in any random section and p**s everyone off. I've seen threads on here suggesting,"go to a gaming subreddit and promote there." But, my vids aren't really specific. They're reaction/review/roasty about stuff on Instagram, buzzfeed, and what not...
  3. Michael Masters

    Reddit Blast your videos to increase views

    Does anybody here use Reddit to get your videos directly to your audience? I've got a group of friends that get together and upvote each other every other week or so, and it's been really helpful. Of course, you have to make sure there's no self-promotion rules.
  4. Mark Stise

    What is the best way to use Reddit?

    Hello Everyone!!! Yes i'm new to Reddit and I'm wondering What i the best way to use this site to help my channel Yes I have posted videos to various subreddits But in the 3 years i have been on that channel I have yet to gain a single friend! So I must be doing something wrong, wouldn't you...
  5. Seansie

    Initial Results Using Reddit

    I know I'm very late, but I decided to try my hand at using subreddits for getting my videos out there. I only tested it once, so obviously it isn't a great representation. However, I will say that my video was not what people usually watch and considering I got about 30 views after it being...
  6. PK Ultra

    What are the best ways to promote a channel?

    Hi all. I'm a newer Youtuber that has around 100 subs. I've been basically sharing my content on relevant subreddits and through Discord servers that allow promotion. While that has helped quite a bit, it's on and off. I use TubeBuddy, so I got quality tags in my videos and calculated the best...
  7. Jared Poirier

    Posting on Reddit

    Hey guys! I have a movie review channel and sometimes I try to promote it by posting on Reddit. I usually post on r/movies and r/filmcritic What other sub reddits should I be posting in?
  8. Bro D

    Reddit Promoting

    I have been working to get my name out there. I am looking for every and any way I can to promote my videos and get them out there for people to see. And it seems like Reddit is just the place for that. However, on most of the subreddit things, it seems there is always a rule against self...
  9. Your Buddy Gas

    Which social media should I use to promote my video's

    Hey guys I heard reddit and Twitter are some good platforms to promote my channel. I'm planning on making an Instagram account for my YouTube channel. And also which groups or hashtags are good for promoting my channel? Edit: I've already shared my channel to friends on Facebook, so that...
  10. Bro D

    Reddit Feedback

    Whats Poppin Everybody. In an effort to do everything I can, and get my gaming and reaction videos everywhere possible I stumbled across Reddit. And I am just curious, what is everyones feedback with doing so? Has it had a positive impact on your views and subscribers? Also, is there any other...
  11. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Using Reddit for promoting YouTube videos?

    Hi guys, So as a new YouTuber it's really important to share your videos on social media to get some more views.So lot's of people recommended sharing youtube videos on Reddit.It will help you to get more views, so my question is "Is it a good idea to share/promote YouTube on Reddit?".What's...
  12. ColdCoastGaming

    YouTuber Sub-Reddit?

    This is a straight up help ask so I hope this is ok to post here. I've seen a couple comments in other threads where people mention sub-reddits that are good for people new to YouTube but I they didn't post any links with their comment. I tried searching the forum (search function) for "reddit...
  13. Bgirl Sonia

    Reddit or the 4th dimension ?

    Hello ! I was recommended this website Reddit and on internet, it says that it is necessary to have an account to grow your YT Channel but What The Flakes ? I am lost between tons of posts coming from nowhere. I click on a link and I am lost forever in another galaxy of links and posts...
  14. Freddie Hill

    Ive found an awesome way to get people to view your content

    Basically post your video in a reddit forum, make sure the forum is related to your video, for example a video of a cute rabbit would go into the animal section. This is good because you are targeting people who are interested in that topic so are likely to subscribe to your channel ?! don't put...
  15. SephiZack

    2 months making videos. I was at 202 subs four days ago. Now at 300 subs (also 100k+ views)

    I started everything almost randomly. I didn't actually have the intention of doing videos regularly when I uploaded my first one. I started making Youtube videos on the 12th February exactly 2 months ago thanks to a PS4 game called Nioh. I posted every video I made on the Nioh subreddit and...
  16. Alexander Nedelchev

    The subreddit that fits my video?

    Hello, friends! I was wondering what kind of subreddit will fit my video of "top 5 hottest women in 21 century" the most? I tried to find, but they are most for pornstars and etc., so some help needed :) Thank you in advance!
  17. V

    Reddit submission

    Hi, I'm struggling getting the most out of Reddit. Can someone show me the most update resource about Reddit?
  18. Rowan Oakley

    Any women posting to Reddit?

    As I plan to go on hiatus and overhaul my channel I'm starting to think about marketing in different places to where I have before. I had a look yesterday at Reddit, which I've never really used before, and would like to use it because it seems a good place to try. The only problem is that it...
  19. Alexander Nedelchev

    Reddit, the weapon I just can't shoot with.

    Hello, friends! Since one week I am struggling with that powerful "weapon". I've watched videos about people posting and after couple of hours the traffic in their channel is HUGE. For some reason I can't manage to do the same. I've watched videos about it, but for some reason I don't do it...
  20. Dalindcy

    How To Use Reddit To Gain Exposure: What You Need To Know

    Reddit is a very, very fickle website. I see a lot of people saying on here that they either think Reddit is amazing or that they hate the website. The truth is, for a lot of small content creators it can really be a great way to gain some exposure, as long as you do it the right way. I thought...

    I hate the people on the internet.

    So yesterday was superbowl and my awesome girlfriend made an even more awesome football "snack-stadium" for the party we threw. I was really interested to see what others might think of it and so I posted it on reddit. It didn't took long and it got 150 upvotes in an hour which was insane ...
  22. S.A.D

    does anybody know what to do with Reddit?

    Seriously? I mean it's the "front page of the internet" yet im finding the site complicated as f**k. I need karma to post, but yet i don't gain any and it just seems unfriendly to new users.
  23. Jack Swish

    Promote your videos on Reddit- YES OR NO?

    Hello everyone, Wanted to know your experiences of using Reddit, only used it a couple of times and seems like a lot of trolls on there. Let me know what you think of it please.
  24. theredletterORG

    I Can't Post YouTube Video's To Reddit Anymore....

    I have posted about 5 or 6 vids to reddit, they are Christian based vids but I can't stand the overwhelming amounts of just arrogant negative comments and actions that have come my way, especially from other people that call themselves Christians!!!! I feel like I have thick skin, and Im used...
  25. AngieAstalos

    Reddit discussion for youtube

    Hey everyone! I've read a lot of articles about youtubers using reddit to drive traffic to their channels. However I've read that it can either end up going extremely well or it can end up like absolutely horrible causing lots of hate and so on. I personally have never used reddit, I've heard...
  26. javacentral

    Got bunch of hate from reddit

    Not sure why, I really enjoyed making this video and thought it turned out to make a nice faux cappuccino.
  27. javacentral

    Got a lot of hate on reddit for this video

    Maybe it's because I call it a cappuccino when it really isn't one (Since I don't use espresso) but is there anything wrong with it? I really enjoyed making it and it really did make a nice cup of coffee
  28. Toast Gaming

    How Much Success Have You Had With Reddit?

    I'm curious to know how much success you've had with reddit and if there are specific subreddits you have had success with? I'm asking as a post from my channel will normally get maybe 1 up vote and rarely ends in a subscriber. My friend, however, who started his channel around the same time...
  29. H

    How Do you Advertise your channel?

    Hey guys I just hit around 400 sub milestone now and I have been doing it for almost a year now. I am just curious which methods of advertising and networking you guys use to contact and reach out to people. I typically find people who enjoy let's plays and try talk to them on twitter but that's...
  30. LionWaffles

    Why posting a video on Reddit is a bad idea

    I recently held off on posting videos to Reddit because of the amount of unconstructive critism and dislikes I've been getting. So I recently posted a video and here's the hate I got, also 4 dislikes on my video. By the way - all of the "sort of" constructive criticism I got was debunked in...