Reddit Blast your videos to increase views

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Does anybody here use Reddit to get your videos directly to your audience? I've got a group of friends that get together and upvote each other every other week or so, and it's been really helpful.

Of course, you have to make sure there's no self-promotion rules.
I post on a regular basis with different results. Depends on what kind of video i´m making, if I go somewhere, I will post the video in the relevant subreddit.
The recent video of when I was in Stockholm has gotten some decent views lately!
That's great! I've got a friend that has a travel vlog who does great on subreddits. Like, she just went to San Antonio, and posted to r/sanantonio and had a huge amount of upvotes.
Be careful. The issue here is watch time. “Blasting” over Reddit with friends upvoting your posts definitely leads to views. But if the subject isn’t what they’re interested in and they click away 30 seconds or 1 minute later, then you’re actually doing your channel a disservice. Racking up lots of viewers that click away seconds or minutes after pushing play is a signal to the YouTub algo that the video stinks, thereby cutting yourself off at the knees when it comes to YT promoting your video organically.

This is basically the new version of Sub4Sub, where you get lots of hits but no one sticks around to watch. Do you have an eye on your total video watch time minutes and view duration?

Now obviously, posting links in subreddits that relate to your niche (travel, cooking, etc) is a great idea. But “blasting” videos to general subreddits like “/videos” and “/newtubers” and “/YouTube” tends to lead to viewers “doing their duty” and clicking play only to immediately dump and move to the next one, hoping someone does the same for them. That’s literally the definition of channel-killing material.

TL;DR: 10 viewers that genuinely watch your entire video and engage in the comments is much more important than 100 viewers that watch 45 seconds of your video and dump to the next one in the latest “sub4sub” scheme. Just be careful out there!
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That is extremely valuable information, and I really appreciate it.

I have been checking watch time minutes and view duration. It's hard to understand what is acceptable for these. I, more or less, just use them to compare and contrast between videos, which ones did the best. The results speak loads! How do these numbers look to you?
I'm posting my videos to the relevant subreddits, in my case it's travelvideos and gopro. I helps to get some attention, but I get the feeling that more and more people are just posting their videos and leave. In some subreddits there are barely comments to anybodys posts, even there are a few thousand members. I think it's sad, but community sense is getting lost.
I know exactly what you mean about losing community. When my friends and I have done this "Reddit Blasting" as I call it, It sort of jumpstarts the conversation. I do believe the content itself should be enough to generate insights, but the extra boost at least calls attention to my posts. If the convo bombs, I just assume that my content bombed too.
I would think it would be a question of timing. You would want to find creative ways to bring in new traffic if your videos are truly ready for a general audience. Especially since it's a prequalified general audience that presumably has some passing interest in your type of content given that they were in a subreddit for it.

If you THINK your videos are great but they actually aren't you can damage your channel by pushing a bunch of clickaways to it. If your videos actually are interesting to people of a given subreddit you could be attracting a future audience. But the same reddit advice still applies regardless. There is no substitute for actually being known in a subreddit and considered to be a knowledgeable and helpful person there BEFORE you start dropping links (especially dropping suspiciously popular links if they don't have any clear apparent reason for how they suddenly got upvoted so much).