Reddit Blast your videos to increase views

Most of your videos are way too short, which is what is leading to your high view duration percentage.
Someone can just watch less then a minute of your video and you would rank above 50% view duration. So you think your doing everything right, however in reality that is about the time that a viewer would leave if they did not find your content interesting. So your stat is very misleading and its lead you to not realy understanding what is going on with your channel/ videos.

First problem i see is that you have way too many short videos, so its hard to get a true grasp of the quality of the content or audience retention. Also the views you do have are small enough, that I would have to put them into the small sample category and not put too much weight on them.

But by far the biggest thing that you are doing wrong is that your titles suck big time. You have to make titles for what viewers are searching for or as close to it as you can. Be seo friendly. This is what creates organic traffic the most. 2nd is how youtube ranks you according to quality of content via viewer retention, velocity of traffic, user engagement (shares/likes/comments). Take a look at which of your videos are doing well. They are the ones which are targeted, while the ones that have very little hit, are the ones with vague titles.

3rd mistake: your titles dont tell us what to expect, so why would we click on it. Its like going to a bookstore and you see a book titled Science fiction and thats it. Why would anyone read that book, when we have no idea what its about.

4. You have no traffic funnel nor any social media enagement.

Hi Alex. Was this review for me? I just ask because we're in a thread about Reddit blasting. But, if it is about my channel, I have just made quite a few adjustments to my titles recently. I'd love it if you knew of one of my recent videos that was completely irrelevant to the content, or I would be super thankful for any suggestions about better titles that would assist me in SEO. Creators Unite! haha