How Do you Advertise your channel?


I've Got It
Hey guys I just hit around 400 sub milestone now and I have been doing it for almost a year now. I am just curious which methods of advertising and networking you guys use to contact and reach out to people. I typically find people who enjoy let's plays and try talk to them on twitter but that's it. Problem is it can be incredibly time consuming xD tell me what you guys do too :)
on anything i spend a lot of time on, google ad words, everything else, just social media and reddit.
I use Facebook, Twitter, forum sites like this one and Reddit! Although, most of my views come from my videos getting recommend on the side of another person's video.
Make good content, advertise on FB, Twitter etc, also never SUB4SUB or whatever -- your view to sub ratio seems very off, so just for future ref. SUB4SUB is very detrimental to you esp since YouTube's algorithm counts that in as well.