1. S

    Google adword help!

    Hey everyone, has anyone here used google adword for promoting their channel? I am confused. does it really help? Is it worthy to spend money on google adword?
  2. ThinkerThunker

    Why does YT sells ads but then allows viewers to block ads?

    All viewers should be required to turn off ad-blockers while on YT - period. I don't understand why anyone spending money on YT advertising would tolerate this? And I for one hate it! For some reason I make far more of my Australian viewers, ad-wise, then all of America where I get the bulk of...
  3. The Cherrii Family

    Facebook ads and ad words haven't been it just me?

    Hey, you guys I have recently been investing money in adwords and facebook ads.. like a lot. I've been getting a lot of views on the ads and Youtube videos but NO Subs whatsoever! When I pause or cancel the ad words ad my video does not get anymore views whatsoever. Should I stop wasting my...
  4. B

    How to monetize videos?

    Hi im starting a channel and i want to monetize my videos. How do i do that? What ads do i choose? I see many people have 1.5 CPM on their videos. What are the most common used ads? Its my first time so i don't know how and what to choose.
  5. PansGaming

    Gaming Looking for YouTuber Gamers to interview.

    So I'm looking for some people who would be willing to answer some interview questions. The questions will be sent and answered in written form, via email/youtube message/pm etc. The answers will then be posted on my blog which I am starting. I will be asking you questions about your YouTube...
  6. O

    How should I advertise new videos on my Banner?

    I am so busy with my film business that I can't commit to have an exact schedule such as "New video every Saturday". I want to have on my Youtube Banner something that will advertise how often new videos will be on my channel. Is something like "New video once or twice a week" okay? I can post a...
  7. Chewie's Video Club

    Adsense and Kids Channels

    Hey YTTalkers! I would love some insight into whether or not Adsense is worth it for kids-type channels. And if any of you have experienced this (what the Google Adsense Forum Expert says)...Here's the story... I posted in the Google Adsense Forum asking how-to stop or minimize inappropriate...
  8. javacentral

    Trying out Adwords, your experience?

    So I figured, eh I got about 25 extra bucks this month, I'll try out an adwords account. Have you tried Adwords? How'd it go?
  9. H

    How Do you Advertise your channel?

    Hey guys I just hit around 400 sub milestone now and I have been doing it for almost a year now. I am just curious which methods of advertising and networking you guys use to contact and reach out to people. I typically find people who enjoy let's plays and try talk to them on twitter but that's...
  10. A

    Review my channel please! - Anonymoose

    Hey guys, I'm Anonymoose and I've recently started a new channel for entertainment and facts about various different things that you may have not known. Obviously I have started out by creating videos about YouTubers beause it is not as oversaturated as countdown videos for random things, and...
  11. T

    Gaming Clan- NEED YOUTUBERS!

    Hey guys im a youtuber and i need members for my clan! i have 260 subs! I produce great content for my subscriber amount! also my twitch has 380 followers! If you are interested in joining respond with your channel link and agario skill! This clan is not suppose to be a little clan i am...