1. Shehzad

    How I Manage Consistent Commentaries - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    What's up guys bringing you a commentary on how I am able to manage consistent commentaries without ever missing a day of my scheduled uploads. This is how I come up with ideas so that I don't have to rush my videos. Watch to be informed and It may help you if too.
  2. Shehzad

    Is DirectX 12 The Best Thing Ever? - Black Ops 3 Commentary

    Is DirectX 12 really that great? I tell you why it doesn't change much for people who already have high spec systems and who it actually effects. Seems a lot of hype really went into it and a lot of commercial shenanigans.
  3. Shehzad

    I Am Cursed! - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    What is up guys today I'll be telling you why I am doomed to walk this earth with a curse. I'll be telling you what happens to all the communities I have joined and how am basically a locust In hiding that destroys everything. Enjoy the commentary.
  4. GamingRack

    Gaming Are you looking for a new guy to have on your podcast?

    It would be cool to join a group of people doing a podcast or to do a collaboration of some kind so if you're looking for another guy let me know although please be 18+ I don't really want to work with anyone younger. keep in mind im from england so I wont always be available depending on the...
  5. GamingRack

    Other Are you looking for a new addition to a podcast? Or maybe a collab of another type?

    It would be cool to join a group of people doing a podcast or to do a collaboration of some kind so if you're looking for another guy let me know although please be 18+ I don't really want to work with anyone younger.
  6. E

    Music Musicians on YouTube?

    I'm a University media student and I'm currently creating a podcast discussing whether it is easier to become an artist in the modern era. I am looking for artists who post their music on YouTube and who would be willing to do an interview about this topic. If not, is there any YouTube...
  7. thejaxsattack

    Vlog Looking for people that want to do a nerd podcast with like comics,movies,starwars ECT.

    looking for some people that like movies and comic books to do a podcast with? need mic and decent cam older then 16 and have a sense of humor. No certain amount of subs. got to know your stuff about comics movies and anything pop culture.looking for more than 1 also looking for movie reviewers...
  8. Shehzad

    CyberPunk 2077, Deponia Doomsday, Far Cry Primal & More - Gaming

    Witcher 3's composer is working on Cyberpunks music, sound like it's going to be epic pun intended ;). Deponia series get's a new addition to the trilogy, pre load far cry primal now and my thoughts on the hitman beta! Be sure to comment below on your thoughts on these topics and make sure to...
  9. Noratrium

    Commentary Like to chat? Podcast about anime and interesting stuff!

    Hey, I'm Nor and im trying to start a new podcast. Nothing too official in mind just yet, will be on Youtube and probably on Soundcloud/itunes in the future. Before we get started with formalities, here is the stuff i like and will usually talk about. Anime(main theme) Video Games (Talk...
  10. Slowlist

    Commentary Discuss Current Events on Our Show!

    We are starting a videocast / podcast where we discuss currents event, including, pop culture, politics, education, news, and other random fun topics. We'll meet via the interwebs once a week and produce 3 episodes. No age limit, but must be knowledgeable on current events (you will be told...
  11. Seebeard

    New Variety Show Looking For Future Guests

    Hey guys and gals, I'm new to the YTTalk community, but it seems like y'all are pretty welcome to new comers from what I've read today and I could sure use your help, so please bare with me, I know it's long. Anyway, me and a few friends started up a channel back in August of this year...
  12. C

    Podcast Ideas?

    Ahoy everybody. I am thinking of starting a gaming podcast on my channel with a friend of mine, we will talk about the latest gaming news, review new games etc. But there is one problem, I myself dont even like to listen/watch to podcasts, do any of you have ideas to make a regular podcast...
  13. TheJRCChannel

    Request Pro Wrestling channel needs intros and one outro

    I am getting ready to change the YouTube channel name from TheJRCChannel to Turnbuckle Productions. Here is what I need: One intro for daily matches (Explosive, in your face. somehow using a wrestling ring) One intro for a pro-wrestling podcast (Named SQUARED CIRCLE PODCAST, use two stilettoes...
  14. TheOtakuGod

    Other Need Members For An Anime/Manga/Gaming Podcast

    Hello, if you are reading this hopefully you are interested. Here is something that i have wanted to start a while ago. I have been wanting to start a weekly podcast or every other week podcast about upcoming anime, news, gaming, and other stuff related to the subject. Here are some requirements...
  15. Ikstuarpok

    Gaming Looking to Start Multi-person Gaming Channel/Podcast

    VIDEO GAMES. AM I RIGHT? Of course I am. I'm ALWAYS right* So what does that mean, for you guys? Well... It means it's time to play video games so that other people can enjoy them, and talk about them so others can enjoy conversations regarding them! And how do we do that? MAGIC YOUTUBE! Yes...
  16. IDK Games

    1-Up Injection! A New Gaming Podcast Coming Soon!

    Alright, so many of you guys know that I'm a gaming channel and I've been promoting my videos on this section of the thread. But now I, along with 3 other guys, am starting up a podcast on a brand new channel called 1-Up Injection where we will be talking about all things gaming. There may be...
  17. GooberVlogs

    Is It Easy To....

    Wazzzzup everyone =) Okay so i have listen to a lot of podcast and i was wondering how hard is it? How do you set it up? Can you do a podcast solo? I always loved the radio and talking and a podcast i guess you can talk about anything right, so how hard is it to do one? If anyone has a idea i...