1-Up Injection! A New Gaming Podcast Coming Soon!

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Alright, so many of you guys know that I'm a gaming channel and I've been promoting my videos on this section of the thread. But now I, along with 3 other guys, am starting up a podcast on a brand new channel called 1-Up Injection where we will be talking about all things gaming. There may be some instances where we'll talk about other things like music and movies so it won't always be about gaming. We've been putting a lot of work into trying to make the channel look as professional as possible. One of the members and I have spent at least 10 hours making the intro to catch the attention of the viewers. I hope you guys will swing by and listen to us be a bunch of idiots while talking about random stuff and having many laughs! We hope you will be laughing alongside us. :D


A channel trailer will hopefully be up on Tuesday. The first actual episode will be recorded Saturday and uploaded on Sunday so stay tuned and please help supports us!

ALSO! We are accepting guests for those who would like to make a guest appearance on the podcast. Just contact me if you are interested in that. :)