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Hello, if you are reading this hopefully you are interested. Here is something that i have wanted to start a while ago. I have been wanting to start a weekly podcast or every other week podcast about upcoming anime, news, gaming, and other stuff related to the subject. Here are some requirements to join.
1. Have to be 14-17 or 18 (No Squeaking) I am 15 personally and I the only time you will here me get high pitched will be when I choose to be on purpose, scream, or just voice breaking which I do very little of each of those.

2. Have a decent mic, one thing that really annoys me is when I am in a call and I can hear people talking across the house. It doesn't have to be a at2020 (I personally have this) or blue yeti, but I want little to none background noise, I have a program that will kill little background noise for me.

3. Don't be a control freak, I hate when people try to take over what is not theirs. I will not be a control freak I have seen too many problems to even try to be one I will not control what you do.

4. Be experienced about what you are talking about, don't be in a month of watching anime/manga/gaming and say you are an otaku or anime fanatic, I have personally been a fan since I was 10 or 11. Also remember there will always be someone who might know more than you or be more experienced than you, I might be in 4 or 5 years but even I and not the greatest in knowing what I know. What I am saying is do not be a complete dunce about things.

And finally 5 (This is literately soul tearing to write all this). Be up on knowledge if you join and have things to talk about before the podcast, don't look up stuff during it, we will talk about everything we have before we start to make sure none of us have the same exact thing and talk about it two different times in 1 podcast.

(PLUS) It would be nice if you had 50 subs or more. I have 150 during the time of writing this. You can have less tho as long as your videos or streams are of nice quality and such. Also Razer Comms if you hve ever heard of them is a cool program to talk through, because it kills some background noise and take less cpu I believe. Contact me by skype tho.

If you are interested please contact me by these-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Email- william1816@live.com
Skype- Yūrei Otaku
im nearly 21 but i want in on this kind of podcast
Have you read everything on the that I wrote. And its not that big of a problem that your 21 its just that we would have to have more diversity in age so that it doesn't end up as 15 year olds and 20 year olds. So hopefully we will find more diversity in age.
Hi. I myself am 18 years old and would be honoured to be in some sort of collab podcast like this. I can also do music (I have watched your AoT video).
Hi. I myself am 18 years old and would be honoured to be in some sort of collab podcast like this. I can also do music (I have watched your AoT video).
that video lol. But sadly the podcast is on hold until next year because of preparations, I tried to start things way too early and things went bad, so I am taking time to plan out what exactly this group is going to be about. Add me on skype or contact me through one of my youtube videos so we can stay connected. But the podcast probably will not start until mid February.
Skype- Yurei Otaku