1. Anjim

    Does Donald Trump Care About Black People

    I also got a news channel as well
  2. Tuskan

    RDT Podcast: My First Ever Podcast about No Man's Sky & Pokemon Uranium

    This was a long upload atleast people don't have to watch it but listen to it in a different window your welcome guys and gals here's the long awaited podcast.
  3. J

    Commentary Podcast

    If anyone is making a podcast and or has already evaluated one and needs a guest feel free to reply to this.
  4. S

    Voice Acting Need a voice over for my podcast.

    Hey people of yttalk. I will be starting a podcast soon so i really need a voice for my podcast. Rules for voice over artisg 1) make sure you have a good microphone and popfilter 2) say" welcome to the Ldi podcast." 3) if you are interested my skype is anas.bd01@gmail.com Thanks and have a...
  5. 42Blazing

    Gaming Looking For DANK Gamers To Join Our Podcast!!

    My friend and I are looking for people to be a guest or our third host on our podcast! Only requirement is to have a nice sense of humor! Twitter:@purlenix Skype:Harambesghost
  6. 42Blazing

    Commentary Looking For DANK Youtubers To Join Our Podcast!!

    Me and my friend are looking for some funny people to be a guest or the third host on our podcast. Must be funny!! Twitter:@purlenix Skype:Harambesghost
  7. MrGamingGuitarist

    Gaming Female Podcast Co-Host Needed

    Hello everyone! I host the N4GTV Podcast, a show about everything nerdy and gaming, and I'm currently looking for a female co-host to join the show. We record the podcast on Skype, and talk for an hour or more about all the latest news for comics, movies, and TV shows. You need to have a webcam...
  8. CrazyMindedFilms

    Commentary Looking to be in someone's Commentary videos

    Hi my name is Aiden and I am a 16 year old male looking to be in anyone's podcast or commentary videos. I, myself, am a commentary youtuber with currently around 350 subs trying to expand and network to as much people as I can to help grow my channel and also help grow others. :)
  9. obscurimity

    Happy Trail Mix Podcast (iTunes link too)- COMEDY!

    Welcome to Happy Trail Mix, a comedy podcast featuring current events, opinions, zany topics and more! Hosted by a d**k and an Obscur. In this episode, we discuss Iron Man, Beyblade, and argue with each other as usual! Our show is rather NSFW, so gentle ears be warned. I hope you enjoy Happy...
  10. Near

    Commentary Looking For Podcast Members

    I've been contradicting whether or not to take part or start a podcast. I don't see any harm in starting one so I am creating one. The only requirements is that you're atleast 14 years old, and somewhat of a mature/deep voice. (sorry squeakers). this podcast will be like any other podcast. We...
  11. obscurimity

    Happy Trail Mix Podcast (on iTunes too!)

    Happy Trail Mix is a comedy podcast with two guys just shooting the s--t and arguing over current events amongst other things. We are on YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes. The choice of where to listen is yours! Linked is episode 3, but hey, watch whatever you'd like. All support is very...
  12. obscurimity

    Happy Trail Mix Podcast: Happy Trail Mix Ep. 3 - Tiny House Clowns and Dying at Arcades

    Happy Trail Mix is a comedy podcast where we discuss weird stuff. This week we discuss things such as tiny-houses, dying at arcades, and the film Jewtopia! Search for "happy trail mix" on iTunes to listen there too! Hope you enjoy!
  13. KaelCast

    Other Looking For Awesome People To Chat With On My Youtube Podcast

    It Could Be You!;) I have a new podcast called KaelCast. I'm trying to find people who would like to talk about anything! From cats to politics to dogs to cat again. Hope to hear from anyone!:) Kael
  14. KaelCast

    Questions about Anything!

    Yeah. Questions about Anything! I'm gonna have a Q&A segment on my podcast show called KaelCast. So feel free to ask any question. I'll answer the questions submitted and probably shout out to those people who gave them. Cheers:wavespin:
  15. ImSlugs

    Commentary Anyone who likes chatting and what not

    I need some good commentators or people with a mic who can tolerate "Profanity" or whatever to make a podcast. It'd be dope to have a podcast where we discuss issues on YouTube or in general and just talk and have fun you know? I'm a chill dude and would mostly want people over 16? just cause i...
  16. obscurimity

    Happy Trail Mix Podcast!

    Welcome to Happy Trail Mix, a delicious mix of bad opinions, zany topics, and "friends" bickering. Also, very NSFW. It's a long listen, so I recommend giving it a listen when you're chillin' or multitasking. Hope you enjoy it!
  17. obscurimity

    [ITUNES] The Happy Trail Mix Podcast now on iTunes/ Google Play!

    Hey guys! The comedy podcast I'm in, Happy Trail Mix, is now available on iTunes and Google Play! So if you'd rather listen in a more traditional place than YouTube, woohoo, there you go. Here are our social media links: iTunes for Happy Trail Mix YouTube for Happy Trail Mix Google Play for...
  18. Anjim

    Support Small Youtubers Project

    Any small Youtubers might ask this question. Is Youtube talking away views and subs? Do I feel like giving up because of this? Will I get notice and make this to a full-time job? I know there is no tool or sponsorships to help small Youtuber grow. I don't want to feel divided and I want to...
  19. CasualVince

    Commentary Tech Podcast, News, and Gaming!

    I love discussion and multiple viewpoints! Because of this, I've always enjoyed podcasts. So I thought why not find some people to talk to about news things. I would preferably like to talk about gaming and tech news, but we can slip into politics a little (I mean very little, unless something...
  20. Conight

    Podcast Channel \(O.O)/

    Was considering opening a new channel, completely livestream based in an attempt to simulate a radio show. The talk show will consist of a singular broad topic conversation for an hour or two with somebody from another channel as I already have a few people willing to accompany me once or...
  21. SAJCON

    Gaming [EU] Weekly stream & video collabs for Overwatch, potential podcasts & more! (PC)

    Name: Christian a.k.a. Sajcon Age: 26 Channel: Search for SAJCON on youtube to find my current stuff. (can't post links) Subs: 8,856 Sort of channel: Gaming Channel currently focusing on discussing gaming related topics and Multiplayer titles that personally interests me focused on a bit of...
  22. Jamie Taylor

    Other Podcast, etc.

    I wanted to start a podcast on the news, stories, and all around state of the film industry plus some gaming. I make video essays so I wanted do something tending to the analytic point of things. If you want to collaboration please post your age ( not required), subs total, and channel bio...
  23. F

    Commentary People needed for Podcast!

    Hello I am looking for 1-2 people for a podcast about video games and anime. I am looking for well knowledged people in video games and anime. You need to be mature and have a decent microphone. My skype is fablefox if you are interested. Thank you, fablefox
  24. Jamie Taylor

    Commentary Looking to start a movie, film, televison podcast with some extra content

    I wanted to start a podcast on the news, stories, and all around state of the film industry. I make video essays so I wanted do something tending to the analytic point of things. If you want to collaboration please post your age ( not required), subs total, and channel bio. Podcast to be done...
  25. AndyGamezYT

    Commentary Closed - PEOPLE WANTED FOR PODCAST!

    I want to start a podcast about modern culture(everything that we have now and what's dying out(mostly about video games, YouTube, anime, etc. ) and our opinions. 3-4 people wanted. No more than 5. More than 50 Subscribers wanted can accept any. Schedule for podcast is once a week. Arrangements...
  26. cadetKei

    ''JAR Media'' Animated

    A fan animation I made for JAR Media, includes nonsensical talk about pulling down pants and fights.
  27. WhoahItsAnthony

    Commentary Podcast about YouTube Drama and Issues with YouTube

    I want to start a collab with intelligent and funny people that want to share their opinion about the current state of YouTube, controversial Youtubers, and/or discuss Youtubers with toxic fan bases and how it affects people. Of course these are just guidelines and the podcast should flow...
  28. JonnyBoy

    Commentary Podcast? about drama and activity in the youtube community?

    anyone interested in starting a podcast? where we all have our own opinion and we battle it out of different topics and stuff thats going on in the community. hardly any white knights it could be funny as people start to rage on the call ? anyone wanna join in?
  29. Shehzad

    Gaming Changed My Life!? - CS:GO Commentary

    What's up guys today I'll be talking about how competitive gaming helped me throughout the years and try to explain all the stigmas against gamers. However nothing comes without hard work, hope you enjoy the video.
  30. GamingRack

    Gaming collab on pc! on youtube or twitch

    Im seeing if anyone is interested in some kind of collab on youtube or twitch, either we could play something or maybe you need an extra for a podcast, both would be cool. The only requirement I have is that you're 18+. If you are interested just message here and we can sort something out.