1. S

    What is wrong with Youtubes Recommendations?

    Hi, I honestly just signed up to this space because of this and the fact it's just getting incredibly frustrating now. What is happening is no matter what I watch, filter or tune. The recommended section on Youtubes homepage keeps showing irrelevant stuff. I've heard and read from places in...
  2. R

    Video language: Speaking English or English subtitles?

    Hi guys! I am starting another channel about my fitness and health in a vlogging type of way. Of course, this is an very present subject on Youtube. However, there are very few vloggers working on this subject. Therefore, I can see this working. But I'm wondering: can I reach viewers from...
  3. Tarek 47

    Can i use others youtubers Gmv or Amv in my video ?

    I was uploading another YouTubers Gmv and Amv and translate them to another language and I give the credits to them in my description but I was wondering if this is legal or I should tell the owners that I take their video and use it and if I don't tell them can youtube delete or ban my...
  4. Landen

    Is there just too much self-marketing online now?

    These days, everyone is promoting their channel, videos, social medias, etc, arguably to the point where there is over-saturation of self-marketing online. Something I recently wrote down in my notes was to do my best to stay away from the "TAG A FRIEND" or "LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BECAUSE SO...
  5. H

    Content vs Promotion in the Beginning

    Hi All, I wanna ask, in your opinion, how would you weight your effort in content and promotion in the beginning? Right now my channel has little videos and subs, in the last months my highest viewed video gets 900 views only, and lowest is 1 view for 3 weeks. So I am still at the very...
  6. blacktigerpride

    New Youtube Trends?

    Does anyone know a YouTube trend that isn't just a rip-off from another one? Maybe a challenge or something I could do with a friend? My brain is fried at the moment and i can't think of anything on the top of my head.
  7. Sladee

    I don't know what I did wrong.

    So I uploaded a new video on my channel and I was experimenting with the style of content I wanted to upload. I had a video out where I just recorded some GTA Gameplay and I was very Vulgar, which people seemed to like, but it made me feel really guilty resorting to harsh words inorder to get...
  8. The Travelling Book

    Looking for YouTubers to take part in our Travelling Book Project

    Hi all, So this is at it's heart just a bit of fun, but it will be interesting to see where the idea goes and will hopefully produce some interesting content along the way. We have recently created 'The Travelling Book' project and are looking for YouTubers who would like to get involved by...
  9. J

    Gaming Does Anyone Want to do a Fifa 17 Online Seasons Collab? XB1

    Hey guys im 13 and im looking for someone to do a fifa 17 online seasons with me i have 35 subs and i'm looking to increase my channel and improve my videos We would record Seasons and different fifa 17 content Anyways - if you would like to join just comment below with your age and if you...
  10. ItsSunnyB

    Other Looking to Collab with other Youtubers in the Los Angeles area

    Whats up fellow Youtubers and Content creators, looking to collaborate with other channels in the Los angeles area. I have linked my Channel below if anyone wants to collaborate give us a shot on of the social media links.. Looking forward to meeting some amazing people....
  11. Chlover

    I don't know, which kind of content should I have on my channel

    I haven't got any videos on my channel yet, because I don't know how to start. What kind of videos people like to watch, except the reaction videos and try not to laugh challenges...This channel is supposed to be funny and commentary, but how to start...?
  12. S

    Creating a Top 5 Product channel, advice

    Hey there everyone, I have done a good bit of digging on this topic and am finding it very difficult to find any information whatsoever. As we all know there are countless Channels out there which create videos around a topic such as, "Top 5 Inventions that will BLOW our mind". Creators...
  13. Cinnamon Sweet Shoppe

    Why Do You Youtube?

    This question has been asked several times on the forum and I would like to explain my answer in a little bit of detail: Youtube has changed me. Before I began my channel early this year, I was an extremely camera shy person with a big inferiority complex. I was convinced to do this by...
  14. KirstyCakesss

    Where to get awesome free to use music?

    Hi guys. I have been browsing soundcloud, but was wondering if anyone here know where to find good music to use for my videos? I'm looking for electronic music, think Flume, Chainsmokers, etc.
  15. General O

    Capturing an Audience

    Hey everyone long time no talk, so heres the thing, my friends and I are trying to get our Youtube channel up and popping but we are having a hard time figure out what sort of videos we should do or what kind of audience we should try to capture. I believer on Youtube it is best if you find an...
  16. Hunhura

    Other Russian YouTuber with 100 subs looking for a collab!

    Hey! I'm really sorry for my clickbait title... hahaha! My name's Hunhura and I'm looking for a collab :D I am still pretty much a newbie. I've got slightly over 100 subs if it matters to you. I don't have a definite genre or limits for my content. I love everything that's fun to do (I guess...
  17. Tac0cann0n

    Opinions on my content?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the videos that I have released so far. I create gaming content for the most part, but am looking to do more formal reviews as well as other content in the future of the channel. I'd like to ask you all for comments on the content in my...
  18. MadySan

    Wide Range Content?

    Hello! I created my channel for nail art videos but now I started uploading beauty related, lifestyle, comedy videos plus sometimes I post daily vlogs. Is my content range too wide for people to subscribe because they might not know what to expect frim me? Should I limit my channel to only one...
  19. Elissa Jordan

    A Message to All Content Creators

    Hello fellow content creators and future content creators! My name is Elissa and I am a vlogger on YouTube. Recently, I have really been thinking about something and I want you guys to hear it. It has changed the idea of YouTube for me and I hope it will change it for you. I propose a...
  20. UndergroundSeries

    Do the amount of video's matter ?

    I have almost 550 videos and I am not getting much traffic on like 450 of them, is it importent to delete/ make them private. Does this amount of videos effect my channel negatively ?
  21. M

    Other I am looking to collab (Tutorials) (Commentary's) (and more

    Hey, my name is mechton or you can call me Noah and I am looking for people to collab with and just be in general, YouTube friends! I do graphic design, tutorials and more on my youtube channel. You can search it up on youtube, Mechton. or you can dm on twitter or skype :) Skype: WHO8MYNOAH...
  22. My Dixie ReKt

    What kind of content are you into?

    Hello :) Just wondering what you guys watch on youtube on a daily basis? I personally watch stuff like top 10 creepiest houses etc stuff like that you know. My favorite youtubers for content like that are: Mr nightmare Gloomy house Reignbot horror I also enjoy watching urban exploration...
  23. everill

    Gaming video Ideas

    A lot of people game and a lot of people do youtube so why not throw out some good ideas for gamers and their videos. So here is a short list i have in mind feel free to use them: -Of course gameplays - reviews on your favourite games - top list of games you enjoy - weekly free game...
  24. Buck

    Is it possible to "RUIN" your channel?

    I say this because I am scared I have done this to mine and I almost feel like I have done some kind of damage to my own channel and it just upsets me to know the hours and hours of my time have been fruitless due to my own actions both in the past and in the present. Let me breifly explain the...
  25. co0per_

    Other Looking to help creators in hopes for networking and collabs!

    Hey there! I'm a recent graduate of film production and would love to get creating with new people! At the heart of what i do I'm an editor but without content theres not much i can edit! I'd love to network and collab with creators to help out on their projects and generally create something...
  26. Hopeless Insomniac

    Dealing with creative blocks

    Hey guys! As an artist, musician, and creator, one of the biggest things I struggle with is creative blocks. The ideas just stop flowing and nothing comes across the way I want it to. Sometimes this is random and other times it happens because I feel like I am too busy in real life to focus on...
  27. Joshmaciasfitness

    Video ideas & title help

    ok I'm sure we are all trying to get to the same place on YouTube and that's to success. Ive read and watched videos that basically say title search and make videos off of that is that what you guys do ? And if not how do you go about the idea process to making your content ? Thanks a mill in...
  28. K

    Would love some feedback on my content!

    Just give me your honest opinion about my recent videos, and anything that could be improved. Thanks!
  29. Mattssassin

    Channel Reviews Welcome! Looking to Improve!

    Hey everyone, so I've had my channel for about two years now and have only 33 subs. not that I'm ungrateful for the support because all is really welcome, but I wanted to know some advice for growing the audience of my channel and wanted to also give it some exposure. So please, leave any...
  30. Mr. Indigo

    Gaming Looking for Someone to talk to while Playing Games!

    Hello! I am a relatively small Youtuber channel looking for someone to talk to while I play games. I play PC games and I usually don't have things to talk about so I need someone to talk with while playing. I only ask that you have a Skype account and a decent Microphone. My Skype username is...