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Hey there everyone,

I have done a good bit of digging on this topic and am finding it very difficult to find any information whatsoever.

As we all know there are countless Channels out there which create videos around a topic such as, "Top 5 Inventions that will BLOW our mind". Creators make video collages so to speak promoting a handful of products. Their videos consist entirely of video clips collaged together showcasing each product.

When finding Gadgets, Tech, Inventions, projects, etc. I do not see where all these youtube creators get their video content. I have emailed a few companies with a formal letting asking for any Press or Media kits containing videos I can use or any videos under the Creative Common license and have only heard back from one of them which just directed me to their own youtube channel. The problem is all these tech companies and manufacturers upload their videos with a "Standard Youtube License".

At this point, the only way I know to use any videos from any tech manufacturer or company is to email them and ask for permission to use their Standard Youtube license videos, but then I read that one may put themselves at risk of that company coming back in the future wanting a cut of the profits one makes off of monetization.

My question is, does anyone have any advice or guidance on where or how a person can get ahold of videos of products to use within their own youtube videos?

Thanks for your time,