1. Jonatan Moser

    Yay! 1 year anniversary today!

    I can't believe it's only been one year since I did my first upload! But it seems that it is... A lot has happened since then, and I think that I have improved a lot in my content. I know I did another milestone post a few days ago for hitting my first 10.000 views, but I just had to post this...
  2. P K Saha

    YouTube Copyright Counter-notification!

    Hello friends, My videos are stolen. I requested YouTube as take down notice. YouTube removed all the copied content. Unfortunately, one creator gave me copyright counter-notification. I've submitted my written documents for contents. But YouTube doesn't take action. However, YouTube live all...
  3. Ebliar-Nevo

    Feedback on my latest video

    I am fairly new to Sony Vegas and I am always looking for small ways that I can improve. Here is the video:
  4. Satire Bunny

    [HELP] Made First Video -Feedback Please-

    Hello YTTalk, Ive always liked the idea of making satire content so i'd thought i give it a ago... If you can help me improve in any way that would be great. I will slowly get the hang on the concept :p Any constructive feedback i will take as this is my first video and know you cant be...
  5. jjwickings

    What can I do to improve my content quality?

    I've been working pretty hard on my youtube stuff, but I'm just a little worried I'm not up to snuff. I really want to produce quality content, but I'm not sure where I might be going wrong. Here is a recent video I made that I had fun making and I thought was a good idea for a video: Thanks...
  6. Jtpetch

    Background Music or Not?

    So, I've been putting background music in my (gaming) videos for a while, and I'm sorta mixed on whether or not I like it. I do like that it sorta fills in somewhat "empty" sounding areas, and keeps a sort of constant "rhythm" going throughout the video. However, it's often hard to find music...
  7. MisterJDiggidy

    What Strategies Make You Want To Subscribe To A Channel?

    Obviously, you would want to subscribe because you like their content and what they do, but what strategies do you notice help? For example, a lot of people like to put outros on their videos telling people to subscribe and check out their other videos. Does this really help, or do most people...
  8. Altairsfriend

    I feel stuck. How do you combat stagnated growth?

    Hey Everybody! Right now I'm feeling a little lost and could use some help. We are a new channel and I feel that our content is getting better. Our videos are getting a solid amount of views, which is great! But we haven't gained any subscribers in a little bit which is disheartening. So I am...
  9. ChilledAffinity

    Consistency Vs One hit wonders

    This is just some food for thought and id like to hear some opinions. So on FB i have a group chat with a few YT friends. One of them had a review channel and when he went from doing movies to focusing on one series consistently his channel sky rocketed and he went from 200 subs to over 1k in...
  10. ChilledAffinity

    Why its important to love what you do.

    I started Youtube in 2007 and since then have had more channels than i care to count. I literally tried every style of channel from sketch comedy to action films to daily vlogger to parkour to everything. With each channel it was the same story. id be super keen on this new idea and venture and...
  11. DN4Gamer

    I'm a small, Passionate, Gaming YouTuber, check me out!

    Hey guys, Not trying to spam or anything like that, just putting my channel out there, on Redd-it because I feel like you guys would like my Gaming Channel, if you are interested in gaming. I upload one video a day (99% of the time) and I work super freaking hard.. I edit most of the time on...
  12. Cyclonejack1988

    Gaming Serious artist wanting to grow with collaboration.

    My name is jack, I just turned 28 last month, I am a serious artist, content creator, and livestreamer. I have a huge library of games I play (mostly on PC but also Wii U and Ps3) I am looking to connect with other like minded serious content creators for collaboration and also I am looking for...
  13. Christoverse

    Would creating a Facebook "fan" page help?

    Hi everyone, I have a few friends on YT who have created Facebook "fan" pages to promote their content on. They swear by it, but I am reluctant to follow suit. I know that at least the followers who choose to follow your page will be okay with you promoting strictly your YT content on FB, but...
  14. Adeelcool

    How Are viral videos made ?

    so, i want to spread an Awesome massage, and it going viral would help a lot are viral videos made by the title or the thumbnail or the content or the production value or do all of them play a big part in making a video go viral, or would the massage of the video make it go viral or do only...
  15. Adeelcool

    I want to improve my content Any tips specific to me

    I really want to improve my content,so what are tips solely to improve the actual content itself
  16. Jayel_Boss

    What's your opinion

    So guys I'm interested in modern day stuff and the popular things but i'm also interested in making content that is different from what you would normally see on youtube. Now i know most people on youtube such as Gamers, comedians and what not do videos on things that are relative these days and...
  17. Conight


    I've recently created a new comedy short with my co-star 'Jazz' and we're torn between two names for the Sketch. Please help us name the video! Without spoilers its a P*SSTAKE on drama/action by sprinkling comedy all over it...
  18. piaiscool

    Does my GET TO KNOW ME make you feel uncomfortable?

    Hello friends! After struggling for days, I FINALLY PUT UP A VIDEO! Being my ever-so-smart self, I deleted 3 days worth of filming and editing. This made me very upset and was just not having it. BUT LOOK AT ME PUSHING THROUGH IT ~*pat on the back*~ I was hesitating whether or not I should make...
  19. FernandoMask

    Why don't I get views is I do good content ?

    You can check my channel I do good content but I dont get the views...
  20. SeanFace101

    What are ways to increase watch time?

    What are some ways to increase the watch time for my videos?
  21. SeanFace101

    Optimised Timing for Featured Content?

    What exactly does the "Optimise Timing" mean that you can choose when putting a video or the featured content? I know it means that YouTube will put the featured video link in the video at its best point possible to help it get clicked on, but how does it do this?
  22. Rachel Berry


    HELLO EVERYONE! So I've been kind of browsing through YTtalk and checking out a lot of people's channels. There is SO MUCH amazing content out there that doesn't necessarily have the exposure it deserves. I think this is due to a lot of different things on the Internet. So, this morning I filmed...
  23. Onister Gaming

    Ten Year Ago Today?

    This video talks about what happen ten years ago on one of my favorite games! Tell me where you were 10 years ago!
  24. Alexxd25

    I'm not sure what to do

    hey! So recently I've neen getting a bit more views than normal and people say "I don't know how you are so small" or " you should have more subs!" And well I don't know if it's true but I've seen some channels with THOUSANDS of subs that post pretty "meh" content and I was thinking that maybe...
  25. UglyBoys2580

    Top Garbage Gaming Channel! but probably not

    This is our new gaming channel (very original I know ) the main theme i guess you could say it that we play really old or just outright garbage games. I suppose i'm joining the crowd and asking the basics about channel growth from my limited knowledge Quality of the content Look of the...
  26. UnaverageNorwegian

    Is this enough for an episode?

    Hi guys, the last two days haven't really been full of action, So i made my vlog out of the few things that did happen, when i wasn't at work. I would like to know if you think this is enough for an episode? or if i should have talked more about what was going on and so on? All feedback is...
  27. C

    Help: Elgato Game Capture HD60

    We are just starting out on YouTube. Have all of the equipment now, and have everything set up. But when we recorded a practice video, (on the Elgato Game Capture HD60) the video quality is terrible. The video glitches out really bad. It seems to have recorded that way and we are unsure of why...
  28. Killerkat

    Channel art & Video review

    Heya guys :) I was lately having a lot of doubt about how my channel looks visually and how good my content really is. I just wanted to hear from somebody elses point of view how my channel looks and whether my content is entertaining or not :) Any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated...
  29. Atticus Prime

    New channel, looking for some criticism.

    Hello all, I have created a gaming channel, and I am almost at my 20th video after 2 weeks. I was hoping to get a few people to check out my page/videos to let me know if I am doing everything correctly (Tags, Banner, Bio, Commentary Etc.) I would appreciate any help I could get so I can...
  30. Elysia


    Hey guys! I'm new to YTTalk (and YouTube in general), so I would love to hear your honest feedback on everything from my content and thumbnails, to my video intro. Thanks in advance! If you'd like any feedback on your channel as well, I would love to check it out! :)