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My goal for the end of 2017 is to reach 100 subs, it seems like a far stretch but you have to dream big!
I'd love to have 500 Subscribers by the end of the year but realistically I'll probably get about 230 at the rate I've been going. =] But goals are always good to have. Whether short term or long term. As far as views go I do not have any goals for that as of yet.
I should pass 4000 even if I don't upload, so 5000 subscribers is the goal, 10k would be a real stretch but I think it could happen if I get back to daily videos and could make ~50 Clash Royale videos and focus on making videos with very high view potential. It's one of those things where I know I have the ability to do it, but will I actually do it... 5000 seems a lot more reasonable.
Subs now: 6 Views now: about 125 Subs goals: 100 Views goals: 10 000

I dont care how long it will take, or how few my numbers are right now, but i'm gonna work my a** off untill i get those numbers in my pocket, i swear!
I want to start posting again but this time take it more seriously with scheduling and quality of editing. I don't have a certain number goal more like a goal to learn more about YouTube and content creation.
For 2017 I want to see myself reaching at least 50 subscribers and 2000 views which I think is very achievable as I have made the effort to ramp up the content uploads on my channel. But these are just numbers so even if it doesn't pan out I will still be happy that I put out content that made me happy to create :bounce: