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  1. AntsDeKing

    (Critiques Please) A NEWBIE'S NEW ADVENTURE!! ( Dragon Raja Lets Play EP. 1)

    A NEWBIE'S NEW ADVENTURE!! IT'S GOING TO BE SOME FUN WHILE ALSO BEING REALLY HARD LOL. Soooooo... welcome to the first episode of a let's play dragon raja mmorpg. On this dragon raja lets play, we make our charatcer within the dragon raja character creation female templates and such we were...
  2. CagesGaming

    Looking for advice on sharing lets plays & playthroughs

    Hey guys, I'm new to the yttack forum and I feel like this is the best place to get some advice on where I should share my lets plays and playthroughs of my upcoming games in 2018. First of all introductions - my name is CagesGaming (pronounced Kayjis as this word does confuse quite a few people...
  3. N

    Other NerdMake is expanding! Looking for guests and new members!

    Hey there Nerds! We've got a special announcement to make today. We've hit our goal for the year! We're also working to expand NerdMake! We'll be recruiting new members onto the NerdCrew for the next 2 months. We're expanding in a variety of positions, so you're more than welcome to apply...
  4. Sully-GC-Founder

    Gaming GameCast Is Looking For Content Creators

    GameCast is currently in the process of expanding its core team. The core team will be a part of a creative process in building a new Youtube based service. GameCast is a unique idea/vision that I've been working on conceptually and physically for 8 month's, I've been treating GameCast like a...
  5. Rahi Official

    Goals for 2017

    2017 is coming. Share your goal for 2017 for your channel. Where do you want to see your channel in this new year. How many subs and view? Share!!!
  6. GG Nation


    I can't believe that I have made it this far. I just was making videos to make some of my friends laugh and bring a smile to them. I never expected that 100+ people would enjoy the same vids! Just want to a shout out and thank you to all those who have subbed to me even though I know they...
  7. Tolkrein

    Gaming Channel Video Recipe's

    Does anyone have any good format recipes... like I know we all tweek the recipe to taste... My recipe so far follows ..except not my latest video being that it was a bonus weekend video. HIGHLIGHT - Something cool or funny that happened during the game... to kinda hook the audience in the...
  8. Bow2WildChicken

    Anyone find it hard to manage time?

    Between my full time job, youtube, and the little bit of social life i have, i find it so difficult to manage everything. I want to find more time to network and talk to more youtubers, like on here, while still putting out nice content. And then i see other youtubers doing the same thing as me...
  9. KantoGaming

    What kind of videos do you like seeing?

    I know as for my channel I do a lot of lets plays, but I also do some vlogging and art videos. What kinds of videos do you like watching? What makes a video interesting to you? As far as let's plays go: what types of games do you like watching? Newer or older games? Popular or unpopular...
  10. Xeoislive

    Xeoislive Lets Plays

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for some good feedback for my channel! I am always searching for ways to improve in my video's, and because of a lack of subs and views in the beginning of my youtube journey I ask u guys to review my channel on everything :-D Xeoislive Channel Thank you for...
  11. MPEVA

    The Dynamic Duo plays....Bloodborne!

    We explore the creepy streets of Yharnam and hope that we survive the night against the beasts and monsters of the blood-soaked city. Only one man can save us and his name is...Haywood Jablome? Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVAuQWkZeHsHF7TnNB4iRnJB6ZbqYnfF8 Ep.1- We discuss...
  12. Chaotic


    I am an autistic 20 year old that has gone from special ed and antisocial to motivated and outgoing from lots of therapy and a good friend. I created my channel to improve my personality and suppress my shyness. I think i've come pretty far. I met my gf when i was 16 on call of duty black ops...
  13. M

    Need Feedback!

    Just made a new channel with my brother! We have a few videos up now, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9IDpTbnWBSW_LBjs2JIRMg Maybe someone can give some feedback, constructive criticism or support. All responses are appreciated!
  14. Shadow17

    Can I post "lets plays" of any game? And what are the rules I need to follow

    I plan on posting some lets plays on my channel but am having difficulty grasping how to post a video without getting in trouble for copyright, as such i have not posted any videos yet. Are there any tips for how I can go about this?
  15. NakedManDong

    Interesting games for videos?

    I was just wondering what you guys would use as games for your videos.
  16. vspecialistv

    "SH#T!!!! I'm Such A Scary Cat T-T" Soma Let's Play Walkthrough Part #14 - PS4

    Hi guys, vSPECIALISTv here with part #14 of my long a waited Soma Let's Play Walk-through. I felt it was time to bring this back and finish it with facecam. I hope you guys enjoy the video and please leave me any feedback :help::):thumbsup2::thanksthumbs::up::#1: