Looking for advice on sharing lets plays & playthroughs


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Hey guys,
I'm new to the yttack forum and I feel like this is the best place to get some advice on where I should share my lets plays and playthroughs of my upcoming games in 2018. First of all introductions - my name is CagesGaming (pronounced Kayjis as this word does confuse quite a few people haha)

I've been youtubing since 2016 but my channel is much much older when I first created it. I'm an old school gamer and I just enjoy sharing gameplay of games I play on the weekly basis. But nowadays I'm finding it much harder to grab some interaction on my channel with views, like to dislike ratio, watch time, subs etc. I have experimented with google adwords a few years back but gained little results in the end. I concluded that if I'm going to earn subs, views and watch time genuinely I may as well put in the extra effort in promoting myself in 3rd party media sources like twitter, local game forums, reddit etc where they allow sharing of videos. As I have heard that self promotion is frowned upon - I do my best to avoid those certain places as to not anger that community.

I recently have done just that to an MMO game called World of Warplanes, which is making a come back with its 2.0 revision. I have a particular passion for this game as I've played it for years but never considered making videos for it. So now that I have started to share it through the official forums as well as its own subreddit. And tweeting my videos as soon as it is uploaded tagging the necessary groups, I've gained quite a bit of interaction with subs, views & what's most interesting is the watch time has bumped up quite a bit which tells me that I atleast am doing something right.

I guess my question is this: For the titles that I am considering the upload this year (Darksiders 3, XCOM2 WOTC, Divinity original sin 2 etc) what is the best ways to share (other than the already mentioned media sources twitter, reddit, forums) these lets plays or playthroughs so I can increase my coverage as much as possible? I know it's abit of an open-ended question and you can argue that research goes a long way to finding the right corners of the internet where lets players hang and share their videos.

I'm just struggling to find the appropriate places to share my videos without stepping into that badly labeled self promotion that everyone loathes so much.

Apologise for the long post. I've just been considering my options with my channel of late and as overly saturated youtube gaming channels are nowadays, it's not hard to feel down at times wondering where am I going wrong, or I may be missing a few steps & processes that could be crucial to gaining exposure for my channel.

Anyway appreciate any & all of your feedback guys. I love games ever since I was a kid and I love sharing them even more. Looking forward to all your advice.