1. AaronSonyi

    Posting on Reddit

    I don't wanna just promote myself on reddit in any random section and p**s everyone off. I've seen threads on here suggesting,"go to a gaming subreddit and promote there." But, my vids aren't really specific. They're reaction/review/roasty about stuff on Instagram, buzzfeed, and what not...
  2. CagesGaming

    Looking for advice on sharing lets plays & playthroughs

    Hey guys, I'm new to the yttack forum and I feel like this is the best place to get some advice on where I should share my lets plays and playthroughs of my upcoming games in 2018. First of all introductions - my name is CagesGaming (pronounced Kayjis as this word does confuse quite a few people...
  3. Bro D

    Reddit Promoting

    I have been working to get my name out there. I am looking for every and any way I can to promote my videos and get them out there for people to see. And it seems like Reddit is just the place for that. However, on most of the subreddit things, it seems there is always a rule against self...
  4. Alexander Nedelchev

    The subreddit that fits my video?

    Hello, friends! I was wondering what kind of subreddit will fit my video of "top 5 hottest women in 21 century" the most? I tried to find, but they are most for pornstars and etc., so some help needed :) Thank you in advance!
  5. HyDraid

    Best Subreddits for Gaming content ?!

    Does someone know some good subreddits where you can share gaming content ? It would be really helpful I guess :)
  6. Cam Kirkham

    Should i use reddit to promote my videos?

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if it is worth promoting my videos on sub reddits I've heard mixed reviews so have generally stayed away but a lot of people have said thats where most of their subscribers/ views come from? Just wanting to know if anyone has gained subscribers using it and if...
  7. FestusFX

    What kind of subreddits ?

    Well, I think reddit is a nice place to share/collab with people. But the thing is, I can't find a subreddit that matches good with my content :s Can somebody help ? That would be great ^^
  8. WilBajamas

    Which subreddit for Montages???

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about making a gaming montage on my channel and I am quite active on Reddit but I just don't know where to put my montages on Reddit... Do you guys know of any subreddits or pages to put on?? I appreciate any feedback or tips and comments.... And have a nice Halloween!!