youtube goal

  1. Crown

    Goals for 2019

    2019 is almost here and it's time to publicly declare your 2019 goals: How many subs would you like to have at the end of 2019? How many views would you like to have at the end of 2019? What are your other YouTube goals for your channel for 2019 (unrelated to subs and views) ? Share with us!
  2. Rahi Official

    Goals for 2017

    2017 is coming. Share your goal for 2017 for your channel. Where do you want to see your channel in this new year. How many subs and view? Share!!!
  3. Pure Pandemonium

    50 subscriber!

    Yes I know it is very low but I am so close to it! That is my first goal I am setting for my channel. Next will be 100 and then 200 and so forth! Can't wait to hit my goals, it will be a wonderful journey!
  4. Hyper Gaming

    Just got 60,000 views

    I have just reached my next milestone on the channel and that is that I have reached over 60,000 views on my channel. My next viewer goal will probably be around 75,000 views with a goal of reaching it by the end of 2016 or Early 2017. I am also near my next subscriber goal with 100...
  5. TalkFandomToMe

    2,000+ Subs?!

    So just recently I made a post about reaching 500,000 views (since then I've gotten to 600,000) but now this is something different. I've been anticipating this since I hit 1900 subs 2 or so days ago, and I finally reached my goal of 2000 subs, as shown with this nifty little photo of the exact...