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The Cake Is a Lie!
So just recently I made a post about reaching 500,000 views (since then I've gotten to 600,000) but now this is something different.
I've been anticipating this since I hit 1900 subs 2 or so days ago, and I finally reached my goal of 2000 subs, as shown with this nifty little photo of the exact number:

I'm super happy, because this means 2000 people liked my content enough that they decided to subscribe! Something I feel is even crazier is I'm still a mega newbie to being a YouTuber and people are actually okay with that.
Well, to infinity and beyond, and thanks for reading!
wow so much of success in one package. I am sure that you must having exciting day. Congratulations for 2K subs and 600K views. All the best for the future goals.
You are getting subscribers at such a fast pace it is unbelievable. Keep up the inspiring work. There are so many people that really enjoy your stuff :)