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  1. Rahi Official

    Goals for 2017

    2017 is coming. Share your goal for 2017 for your channel. Where do you want to see your channel in this new year. How many subs and view? Share!!!
  2. Salvatore

    Request Need motion graphic for videos

    I need motion graphic designer for making videos. Our team is made by a writer, a voice over guy and a music and sfx supervisor. We need a motion graphic designer to make high quality videos. Please let me know if you can help us. -Thank you
  3. Omnicide

    Services *Very High Quality, Affordable Custom Made Youtube Branding! | Variety of Products on Offer!*

    Do you need some high quality custom youtube branding tailored for your needs? This is the place for you! I'm a professional graphics designer and can make custom, personalised, unique branding just for you, ranging from a logo, to an entire redesign for your channel! My services to come at a...
  4. UltimateHersh

    Services CHEAP, HIGH QUALITY GAMING THUMBNAILS (free for people with 1,000+ subs)

    Hey all! I have a passion for graphic design, and absolutely love making thumbnails Thumbnails will only cost £5 for a custom made template (that's just over $6). If you have over 1k subs then all I ask for is credit (a link to my channel) in the description of the video that uses the thumbnail.
  5. Inturn

    Services Affordable Thumbnails, Profile Pictures Etc.

    Hey, guys, Inturn here. Im an irish video maker, who enjoys learning new skills. One of the new skills I learned was graphic design. Examples of my works are as follow: Price: This can be talked about in private. If you're stuck for money, and can only afford a small amount, still...
  6. D

    Services FREE High Quality Graphic Designs (Banners, Logos, Thumbnails and Profile Pics)

    Hi there, I am a graphic designer and I can create FREE High Quality Graphic Designs, which can include: - Banners - Logos - Thumbnails - Profile Pictures. To contact me about an order/request either reply to this thread or email me at "deco900@hotmail.com" I can show a portfolio of previous...
  7. MenAce

    Should I Stop?

    Hello Everyone I'm MenAce (Nickname) I Just Started A YouTube Channel and I Have Been Struggling To Find Subscribers What Should I Do. Can Anyone Help
  8. DubsThaGamer

    Services $4 Good Thumbnails - Examples Shown

    Hey guys my name is dubsthagamer and i am a regular gaming youtuber like you guys, but people have told me that my thumbnails are pretty good and that i should sell some. If interested add me on skype at: GuseHead and pay via Sellfy (DubsGFX) then ill make the graphics. If you dont have enough i...
  9. OracleGraphics

    Services !Professional High-Quality YouTube Branding Service! (Cheap and Affordable) [Banners, Logo, etc.]

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Who Am I ? Hi there, I'm Michael or you can call me Oracle :) I'm a student and also a freelance designer. I do a bunch of designing in my free time and gain pretty much experienced across years doing graphics. In my free...