1. RetroMania

    So I wanna make a compilation video...

    Hey guys, I'm a new youtuber and I just started a retro gaming channel, and I really wanna make a compilation video with the "best moments" of my gameplays. I've got Sony Vegas 15 and it's great for editing so far but I get a lot of lag in my preview screen while I'm looking at the video...
  2. DTay Chaos

    Moving on up!

    Yo! Im DTay Lately my channel has been growing pretty well. Im trying to better my content every video! and keep viewers intact I wanna eventually grow and become a huge youtuber! I wanna reach for the stars! Its been my dream, i love doing this and im going to continue to grind and do my best...
  3. FuriousBabo

    Video Feedback!

    I've been doing youtube for a few months and I'm really trying to learn more and improve my content so I would like to ask you guys for a review and some feedback so I'll know if I'm doing something right and what do I need to work harder and improve (I know my mic sucks but I'm a student and...
  4. FuriousBabo

    Growing Strategies!

    What kind of strategies are you guys using to help you grow your channel? :)
  5. Rahi Official

    Goals for 2017

    2017 is coming. Share your goal for 2017 for your channel. Where do you want to see your channel in this new year. How many subs and view? Share!!!
  6. E

    Gaming I'm looking for someome to collab with. :D

    First off thank you for clicking on my thread, i play on Xbox one, I'm looking for someone to record some funny moments or just some gameplays with me. The games I have are rainbow six siege, black ops 3, GTA5 and much more. I'm looking for you to be at least 16 And just looking to have some fun...
  7. nekonekomomo

    Microphone recommendation please ( for gameplays & vloggish videos )

    Hey guys! this is actually my first thread post (except for the introduction thread) and I just want to ask your opinion about microphones. I'll be posting gameplays, hauls, unboxing, and other vloggish videos on my channel. I've posted 3 vids so far but I'm just not contented of the audio...
  8. Anthony Vernon

    THIS ISN'T GAMEPLAY (Boob Streamers) - What do you think of this video

  9. K2TheLer

    50 Subs In A Few Weeks!!

    I'm so excited to reach 50 subscribers in only a few short weeks, and I'm so grateful for everybody that has subscribed. I know that 50 isn't a lot for about a month but because of the topic of gaming being so common I like to think that is pretty good? I hope so at least. Anyways I'm thinking...