2017 goals

  1. JoeyCommon41

    Tips (for getting over the initial hump)

    Hi guys, I'm Joe and I have a question for the forum, a question that I guess really has many answers but I would like the community's opinion. How do you get a channel from no views to views ? So of course there is the content, then there is tags and being smart with titles and such things...
  2. Rahi Official

    Goals for 2017

    2017 is coming. Share your goal for 2017 for your channel. Where do you want to see your channel in this new year. How many subs and view? Share!!!
  3. Worldofpossible

    Future Games to Let's Play?

    Hey Guys, I wonder games would good in the future for let's plays. I am looking Mafia 3 and Watchdogs 2. What about you? Anything you would recommend?
  4. 1bgdeal

    200 Subs and 50000 Views!

    9 months ago I posted my first serious video (ARK Video) and this 4th of July I hit 200 subs and 50000 views. I know its not a fast growth, but it's slow and steady and I am happy with that! My goal now is to hit 1000 Subs by July 4th 2017 which I think is doable and I might possibly hit it...