1. SeanFace101

    Unclickable Social Media Buttons on Channel. Why?

    On my channel, just above the Subscribe button at the top right, i have links / buttons to my Twitter, Google Plus 1, Facebook and LinkedIn.. Why are these buttons on my channel un-clickable? It it a bug on YouTube or something? or Have i added them wrong or something? ::P Anyone know?
  2. Jake Shipe

    Paid Promotion with Youtube/Twitter

    Hey y'all. So I was thinking about doing paid promotion of my channel with youtube and/or twitter. Have any of yall had experiences with this in the past? Did it seem to help much? I was thinking of maybe starting with like $20 and then seeing if it is worth it to do more.
  3. Masked Designs

    Ice Twitter Header

    Hello! I tried to make a header with a water and ice theme and this is what I came out with!
  4. Z

    Services Graphics Revamps and More

    I just recently started graphic design for youtube. I do not have a portfolio quite yet since I just started, but if your not happy with your logo, you won't have to pay until its at your need or if you don't like it. Email me for prices:
  5. PennaDSGN

    Twitter Account.

    This is just some general feedback, which I believe could help! Twitter is such a powerful tool. I see that you've already got an account set up, but rarely use it nowadays! Which is a shame. I myself have seen quite a lot of people interacting with you guys over Twitter, I think it'd be great...
  6. ReaperDZN

    Services Low-Cost High Quality Graphics for YouTube + Twitch Branding (Banners, Overlays, PP's etc.) #REAP

    Hey Everyone! I am REAPER, otherwise known as Josh. I have been self teaching and studying graphic design for over 5 years and one day would like to become a professional designer, after every piece of work i create it only gets better! I have started the REAPER DZN business for purely helping...
  7. Mr Danny

    My Own Social Media

    It's a great social media. It doesn't exist, it probably never will, but that happens to the best things in this planet. BUT I THINK IT'S GREAT. A bit messy, but aren't we all?
  8. Spaceshipcontrol

    Getting exposure?

    Hello guys, a little bit of a backstory might help. So, actually, i uploaded my first videos around year ago, from beginning of April to July, but i deleted most of them because they sucked, only leaving one video that is actually funny. That is why i actually started out with a few subscribers...
  9. TheMercenaree

    Woohoo!!! 50 Twitter Followers

    Literally just a few minutes before making this post, I reached 50 followers on my Twitter (yes, it's linked to my Youtube channel). I don't know if any of them came from YTTalk, but I want to say thank you anyway. So... thanks for 50 Twitter followers. :)
  10. Freshly Finished

    REDDIT & Twitter??? Your thoughts, stategies and techniques

    Hey Everyone, I have recently picked up Reddit and well am trying to get more involved in twitter, however... MY LORD ARE THEY CONFUSING lol. Reddit: The one thing i have found on reddit so far is to title your posts as if you were titling a news paper. Dont ever share a post saying "My New...
  11. Mr Danny

    How To: Twitter! (Not Really Though)

    Tiwter is great. We all know that. But you know what's better? A dumb video of a guy talking about Twitter. Obviously.
  12. Tayo

    Automatic "Welcome" Discouraged on Twitter?

    So lately I've been getting more followers on Twitter and a few I have followed back because I liked their stuff. Some of these accounts I believe have set up an automatic "welcome/thanks for following" DM and it got me thinking that I should do the same. However, when I researched how to do it...
  13. The8BitMonkey

    1,000 Twitter Followers

    Hey all, today (well technically the other day as well...been going between 1000 and 999) I reached 1,000 Twitter followers. I'm really happy I managed to get to this milestone on twitter, seems like a lot of my milestones are getting close as well, like i'm around 600 subs away from 20,000...
  14. Mattaxol

    Promoting on Twitter

    How are you supposed to promote your videos on Twitter? Is it really as simple as posting the video link or is there a better way to do it? On a another note, what is your favourite promotion site and why?
  15. SuperBrolex

    I Made A Website To Help With Promotion - Review It?

    Hey everyone, I created a website to act as a sort of "social hub" for my social media accounts, which are: YouTube Twitter Facebook Google+ I'm basically wondering if you guys could check it out and give me an honest opinion on whether it'd be helpful for YouTube :3 The link is in my...
  16. Gameoverjack


    This is GOJ DESIGN'S Call Of Duty BO3 YOUTUBE/TWITCH BANNER, LOGO AND TWITTER HEADER for you guys to use in your youtube/twitch channels !!! And its free !!! LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WANT THE BANNER !!!
  17. AuthorFilms Studios

    How useful are TY shoutouts?

    So, a good friend of mine is going to give me a shoutout on their twitter page. They have 6000 legitimate followers, each tweet gets up to 300 likes and they get over 100,000 tweet impressions monthly. They are giving my YT channel a shoutout on their tweets for 1 month. How many subsribers do...
  18. CrystalD

    Linking Social Media to your YouTube Channel - How do you feel about it?

    I'm super curious to see peoples opinions on this. I just got off my twitter feed and saw those notifications on it like "So and so uploaded a video" or "So and so added a video to a playlist" and I was wondering, how do you feel about seeing those/using the Social Media linking YouTube offers...
  19. Chris and Nima

    Social media networks?

    How many different social media networks do you maintain to promote you YouTube channel? Just curious because it can be exhausting.
  20. Double B

    How to get started on social media(FB/Twitter)

    Hi all, I've got a comment on one of my vids asking if I have a twitter account(he is a bigger youtuber than me and also retweeted my video on his twitter when I set up my account on there), so I set one up and followed some people I liked and did the artwork etc, what do I do now to actually...
  21. Jake Shipe

    Other Twitter Cross-Promotion

    Hey everyone! So this thread is for anyone who wants to help other youtubers out, and get help yourself! Everyone post your Twitter @ name, and we can all tweet about each other's videos... This can be very helpful in gaining new viewers!! My Twitter is @jakeshake1919 Leave a reply and we can...
  22. isn2011

    Using other social entities for views and subscribers etc

    How successful has everyone been by creating Instagram and Twitter etc accounts linked to your YouTube accounts? I have created both an Instagram account and a Twitter account for my YouTube account and I was just wondering if anyone else had done the same, and if so what was their experience...
  23. AllSoSamSerious


    Hello guys and girls. My name is Sam. I'm new here to YT, and I need some help to grow my channel. All I want is some feedback on my video's. While meeting some new people to collab with. I have a gaming channel, which I started not to long ago. I'm not asking you to Subscribe to my channel, or...
  24. J

    How do you promote on Twitter?

    I have heard that a lot of people promote their videos on twitter. How so? have a twitter account but besides posting the video, what can you do? Thanks for any replies.
  25. WilBajamas

    Facebook And Twitter Advice

    Hey there, I know most of you Youtubers out there already know that social media play a big role in promoting your channel or videos. But what I don't know is that, how to use Facebook and Twitter effectively? Most of the tips I've seen keep on saying to engage with others on social media but...
  26. BehrmanTheBeerman

    How to use Twitter (and Facebook) effectively?

    I'm new to social media so I'm really struggling with this. I understand the basics of using @ and # (or at least I think I do). But I'm not sure how to use Twitter to reach new people. My friend said to just use the right hashtags and people will find my posts when they do a search. But...
  27. Kirgle

    What is your twitter routine - re: promotion

    Hi. As a noob here I have already found heaps of tips and tactics to improve my youtube experience. One thing I have seen crop up a fair bit is people referring to twitter (instagram and face book) to promote their videos. Facebook is pretty straight forward as it is a network of your friends...
  28. H

    Twitter.... what do?

    Ok so on a scale of 1-10 im like 4 four. I am not an idiot at it just highly unexperienced. Following and stuff lik that I get. tweeting and dming but when it comes to actually using it successfully. I had a friend that used it and gained about 3000 legit subs in about 1-2 months. I don't want...
  29. darkstarmedia

    Twitter Hello, Fellow Twits!

    Hey, guys! I've been on Twitter since 2009 and absolutely love it, so if you like my video content or would simply likely to get to know more Twits on YTtalk, then here's my account! Looking forward to Tweeting with you!


    Looking for a group of YouTubers that would like to get together and help one another grow and give tips to each other and in general grow together if anyone is intrested to get in fast contact with me my twitter@:MR_MIRANDA_ YOUTUBE CHANNEL INSTGRAM:mr.miranda_...