1. ItsJustJames


    Good day all, Having a blast making Youtube videos so far. Your comments, thoughts and critiques are welcomed and appreciated. Many thanks! James. ************************************** LATEST 10 Minutes In "I dip into a wide variety games and bring you a quick 10 minute montage."...
  2. Chris and Nima

    Anyone use photoshop cs6?

    I just got photoshop and want to make cool custom thumbnails but it's seems so complicated anyone have or know of a good tutorial?
  3. Chris and Nima

    Need a good tutorial for making thumbnail.

    Can anyone help me out with a good tutorial for making quality thumbnails and maybe a free program to do it on. Thanks so much!
  4. Jawad Soomro


    Here is the package video of ERMAC'S awesome combos. All of his special moves are much more reliable to compute and execute. Force port power allows the Ermac to teleport from one side of the screen to the other side. Pressing the keys while maintaining a combo is kinda difficult but achievable...
  5. Razz_

    How To Make Amazing Thumbnails! :)

    hey peeps Razzo here, someone requested a tutorial on how to make thumbnails and here it is for anyone in the forums. i don't know everything far from it but i do believe i can show some of you a few trick you may not have known about. if you have any feed back or any advice feel free to...
  6. SudoNYM

    Happy to help :)

    Hey guys. My name's Josh. I'm a new to youtube, however I'm pretty seasoned in terms of making graphics - especially channel art... I even draw pictures and create digital illustrations. I'm also pretty experienced when it comes to traditional medium too - check out some of my doodles @joshzor...
  7. Seroths

    "What am I doing wrong ?"

    "What am I doing wrong?" Some of you may wonder themself this question after a lot of time doing "quality content" for their channel without result. Hi, my name is Seroths, I'm a french gaming youtuber, almost at 100K subs (91k when writing this). While visiting YTTALK I stumble accross a...
  8. Roosterxbros

    Tips to grow my channel?

    So ive been stuck at 640+ subs for quite a bit now, any tips? to grown my channel? thanks :)
  9. J

    First episode of a new comedy show. Any feedback would be great!

    Hello everyone I have created a new show on my channel based in DIY projects. It might not be what you would expect, so I would love some feedback on the shots, audio quality, and the comedy. Thanks for any replies!
  10. Adobe

    Services Cheap HIGH QUALITY YouTube branding!

    Hey there YTT! My name is Adobe, and I have been designing for 5+ years now. Examples of my work would be I have done many many more, but these are just the most recent. I will be offering my services for super cheap! Full channel branding package (Channel Art, Avatar, Watermark)...
  11. Conight


    I have edited all of my videos myself and not had any training to do so, I also have not been editing very long (It shows XD) as the policies state I cannot put a link on this post due to 'advertisement' a link is however on my profile within this website. Please have a look I would really...
  12. FraYoshi

    How to YouTube Captions by Others

    Do You Wanna Translate a video for a YouTuber you are subscribed or wanna let a friend to translate yours? In this video....... how to do it! (in my, not so perfect, english :angelic2: ) Hope this helps!!!! :rolleyes: .: FraYoshi :.
  13. DavidThe SpanishNinja

    5 ways to get past a defender and Soccer tricks tutorial

    check out my channel if you enjoy my content and subscribe if you want to show your support and help me get to 100 subscribers ( only 4 away)
  14. Edgar Allan Poets

    Beauty/Makeup Make Up Guru Wanted

    Hello I’m Chris of the band Edgar Allan Poets I’m writing here because I’m starting to organize a crazy big project to honor Edgar Allan Poe (the inspiration of our music) and I'm searching for a makeup guru willing to cooperate with us. You will have a dedicated page on the official website...
  15. Jawad Soomro


    In the first stage, you have to fill one side of the cube with same color. You have to choose Base color as the cube face. I had chosen BLACK as the base color, that helped me solve the initial part.
  16. Manly Madness

    Feedback Please :)

    I would appreciate if you could give me some feedback on my channel... I will be happy to hear anything
  17. OzTalksHw

    The Power of Reddit (When Used Correctly)

    Aloha. I just want to give some very quick advice for growing YouTubers: use reddit (but use it correctly). My post for reference is /r/hardware/comments/3snu6n/rosewill_neutron_review_miniitx_case_for_3999/ I restarted Youtube and uploaded my first video two days ago. Yesterday, I posted it...
  18. FantasticFreakingGaming


    Hey there guys or gals! I just discovered a way on how to skip at least 15 rounds in the new Black Ops 3 zombies map Shadows Of Evil! It's part of an achievement so classed as an Easter egg but I wanted to upload this video to help anyone who didn't yet know about it. If this video helped you...
  19. joeline

    My 1st attempt at a short gel style

    Hey everyone, Im super new to the yt beauty community and i have not attempted this style in years, how do you think i did, any tips? Thanks for your feed back in advance. x
  20. caperco

    How do you make Q&A questions appear in your video?

    If anyone knows will someone make a tutorial or tell me how please!
  21. Shendijiro

    Where to post threads.

    Here is a small guide for when you’re confuse on were to post your thread. YTTALK COMMUNITY ~ News and Announcements This is where the staff will post the news and announcements related to YTtalk. Only they are allowed to post here. ~ Site Support and Suggestions This is the place where you...
  22. KillaDays

    How To Reduce Harsh Plosive ("p" and "b") Sounds Using Audacity

    DISCLAIMER: This won't completely get rid of the plosives, just diminish the harshness with minimal audio distortion. I found this to be the best fix as most other fixes can give you quite a bit of distortion, making it sound even worse. I thought I would make this tutorial for anyone else that...

    How to brand your channel. Questions answered. FULL TUTORIAL!

    Hello and Welcome back, my name is Murkulater A.K.A. Murk the savant, and I think it's about time us Youtubers take things seriously!!! Whenever I do something, I make sure I put in 100% effort into it. Never "half-a**" do something, especially when you want it to become a source of income...
  24. WilBajamas

    Learning How to Eat A Popsicle? This Is A Tutorial~~

    It's me again everyone, and today I'm playing my 2nd "What Game Is This?" game lol. This game is really really really weird, this video might not be comfortable for some people but I do hope for those of you who watched this will like it!! Anyway this game is called SUCCULENT!! You can learn a...
  25. Jawad Soomro

    Amnesia - How to get the ACID

    We have to collect four chemicals and one container and do the chemistry in laboratory. We get an acid by heating the mixture of these chemicals. We have to throw this acid on THICK Spider web in order to get into the Refinery. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.